MTV debunks some of the craziest RPattz rumors around

There are LOTS of rumors going around these days about Twilight Saga cast members — and one of the biggest targets seems to be none other than Robert Pattinson, who has found himself at the center of some really ridiculous, silly stories. MTV debunks some of the wildest stories:

Rob Is Preggers: It would be one thing to suggest that whomever RPattz is supposed to be dating this week is pregnant. But an Australian tabloid once reported that a little Rob was on the way and ā€” get this ā€” he was the one who was going to give birth to it! Perhaps the editors have been watching too many bad early ’90s Arnold Schwarzenegger comedies lately, but the report was so ridiculous that even Rob himself singled it out as the craziest rumor he had ever heard about himself. We’re no doctors, but six months have passed since the “news” broke, and since Rob’s not showing yet, we’re thinking it’s safe to call this one bogus.

Rob Is a Pirate: Yo ho ho and a bottle of bull. That’s what rumors of RPattz playing Jack Sparrow’s brother in “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” turned out to be, after reports had him battling Zac Efron and Russell Brand (!?) for the role. Somebody needs to make whoever started that rumor walk the plank.

OME! Rob Is Engaged!: Have you sent RPattz an engagement gift yet? Because he got engaged last August. And then again in September, March and apparently Tuesday (April 13) as well. If you haven’t sent a gift yet, don’t worry: We’re sure he’ll get engaged two or three more times this week.

Rob Is Deaf: After RPattz made some tongue-in-cheek comments about how loud it was whenever he went out in public, some outlets decided to twist his words into an admission that he was actually deaf. Isn’t it tragic that his fans have screamed at him so much that he’ll have to film the “Breaking Dawn” movies using sign language? MTV News can exclusively confirm that we’ve interviewed him numerous times, and either his hearing is fine or he’s the most amazing lip-reader in the world.

Rob Is Bond: At the “Remember Me” premiere in London, RPattz was asked if he’d like to play James Bond. What British actor wouldn’t? Of course, when he said he would, certain sites reported it as fact. Such silliness can only leave his fans shaken and more than a bit stirred.

See the rest at MTV.


4 Responses

  1. Dear God, Rob as 007 … that might top Pierce Brosnan! He’s a bit young now, but I can definitely see him taking on that role in a decade or so!

  2. I totally understand the whole Rob is engaged thing. Because I remember a video clip of him going up to random people and asking them to marry him. So that rumor I can understand.

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