Eclipse Fan Fiction Challenge – 10 Days Left!

There’s only 10 days left to submit your entry for the Eclipse Fan Fiction Challenge!

For this challenge, we want you to write a scene from Eclipse from the point-of-view of a character other than Bella.  You can choose any character, no matter how minor or important, but the scene must take place during the timeline of Eclipse and fit into the storyline and the canon Twilight universe.

You can choose to do a scene that is not included in the book, or one that is mentioned in passing but not viewed in “real time”.   You can also choose to do a scene that is in the book, however you must add enough to the scene to sufficiently alter the reader’s experience.  For example, in a scene with Bella and your view point character, your character’s inner thoughts and emotions could be in contrast to what that character says to Bella, revealing a hidden agenda and providing new insight to the reader.  Simply re-writing the scene from another point of view is not enough, you have to give us something more.

Check here for all the details!


9 Responses

  1. I submitted two different stories and I’m super excited for the contest results! I wonder what everyone else wrote… 🙂

  2. Having a hard tough finding a scene that I really want to put into another person’s point of view. I hope that I’ll think of something soon. I agree with ya Twifreak#1. Can’t wait to see the winners!

    • Writing an original scene that takes place during Eclipse can help with writer’s block. One of my entries was an original not-in-the-book scene.

    • Skim through Eclipse, there’s lots of possibilities of missing scenes.

      Maybe a snippet of Bella and Edward’s visit to Renee?

      Maybe what happens back in Forks/La Push while they are away?

      LOTS of stuff going on in La Push while Bella is in Forks – you could write that from any of the wolves POVs and make most of it up.

      Just think what could be going through Charlie’s head at any point during Eclipse. LOL

      Or what about one of the humans? How does any one of them feel about graduation? What antics would Jessica be up to while getting ready for graduation or shopping for her outfit?

      Sooo much to choose from! 🙂

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