Buy discounted Twi Tour tickets & see Novel Novice Twilight!

Creation Entertainment has just announced that they are selling discounted, $10 tickets to the upcoming Official Twilight Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina … the location where NNT founder Tiffany will be hosting a panel about all-things Novel Novice Twilight!

Here are the details on the discounted tickets:

The Official TWILIGHT Convention Tour is visiting CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (April 30-May 2, 2010) and VANCOUVER, BC, Canada (May 14-16, 2010) and you are invited to join the non-stop fun! And, to make it even more fun we’ve just slashed GENERAL ADMISSION DAILY TICKETS to $10 a day!

That’s right: for the cost of a movie you can get a full day of Twilight-themed entertainment! You’ll see all the day’s celebrities, take part in contests, events, auctions, see exclusive videos and panel presentations, enjoy The Hillywood Show Parody Cast, and more! It has to be the greatest entertainment bargain around: ONLY $10 A DAY! No other fan convention comes close to these cool prices so don’t miss these two tour stops if you are in the area!

You can learn more, check out an updated Twi Tour schedule & more at the Official Twilight Convention website!

Novel Novice Twilight will ALSO be at the Official Twilight Convention in Portland, Oregon this October 1st-3rd!

For the comments: Will we be seeing you in Charlotte or Portland? Have you gone to another Twi Tour location?


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