Early, low-res version of the NEW Eclipse trailer! (UPDATED with higher quality)

We’ll have an official version as soon as it’s ready, but here is an early, low-res version of the all-new Eclipse trailer as shown on Oprah today:

UPDATE: High quality version, but not the official…

O … M … E!!!

For the comments: Jaw-dropping. Thoughts. Comments. Go!


11 Responses

  1. My true reaction would not be suitable for PG-13 ratings. LOL

    But I can sum it up…. FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cannot wait to see it in good quality on my TV later this afternoon!

    • Same here! I love how action-packed it is … I think that’s why “Eclipse” is my favorite, is because there’s so much more action than in the other books. The fight scenes look freaking RAD!!!

      • I love action-packed movies/stories, which is why I love Eclipse. And the movie version of Eclipse is obviously going to include more vampires/werewolves vs. newborns than the book because we’ll see more than just Bella’s perspective. I wonder if there will be any scenes from the soon-to-be-released “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” in the movie… 🙂

  2. Love the wolves! Love the newborns coming out of the water! Love Victoria knocking over a tree! Got goosebumps! But why does Carlisle suddenly have a British accent? Shouldn’t he have done that all along?

    • I noticed in one of the extended scenes from ‘New Moon’ (when he gives Bella stitches) that he had a weird British accent, too. Sort of random.

  3. It was freaking amazing!!!! I wanna see the movie right now!

  4. I agree. The Carlisle accent was really odd. But was it only in that one scene? The second scene that Carlisle was in… it didn’t sound like he had an accent. The clip of the fight scene was really really amazing! That and the tent scene the night before are what I am looking forward to most!! Can’t wait!

  5. Whoah! AWESOME! Newborns, vampires, Jacob, Bella, Edward, Volturi… WEREWOLVES! I am Team Edward, but I must admit, the Eclipse werewolves look so real! HOW COOL IS THAT?! I can’t wait for Eclipse! I just favorited the video on YouTube – this is SO AWESOME! I’m going crazy waiting for Eclipse to come out! 🙂

  6. wow just wow….i even did a reaction vedio for this one and showed it to my dad and he laughed at me the whole time….he doesn’t understand how huge this trailier is…..Ok so the ring was beautiful the army lokked cool so did the wolves. Victoria i didn’t like 😦 but edward looked amazing and loved the fight sceen….Was hoping for a peek at the tent sceen but that s ok i can wait now….All in all this trailier was my FAVORITE….I LOVE TWILIGHT

  7. acting… of major characters… still seems monotone…

    BUT OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

    It looks freakin’ amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fight sequences are going to look spectacular and that newborn army was sufficiently creepy. awesome job Slade… however, I won’t pass final judgement until I see the full movie.

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