Bella’s Engagement Ring: A new sneak peek!

Entertainment Tonight has a new sneak peek image at Bella’s Engagement Ring from Eclipse … in the photo you can also peek at her bracelet, and get a closer look at her scar from James:

Here’s what ET writes:

What kind of a ring does a vampire share with his lady love if he wants to spend eternity with her? We have a peek at the ring that Edward (Robert Pattinson) gives Bella (Kristen Stewart) in ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.’

The ring, described in Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling books as being Victorian in style, features an oval face set with diamonds.

In the photo, you can also see the charm bracelet described in Eclipse, the novel. Bella wears the bracelet with two charms — a crystal heart given to her by Edward, and a small wooden wolf that was a gift from Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

In the film, Bella continues her quest to evade vampire Victoria (played in ‘Eclipse’ by Bryce Dallas Howard), who is bent on vengeance after Edward killed her main squeeze James in the first ‘Twilight.’ Bella is also confronted with a choice — does she want to spend eternity with vampire Edward, or will she choose a human life with werewolf Jacob?


For the comments: What do you think of this sneak peek image? Tell us your thoughts!!


10 Responses

  1. As usual, I think the scar looks really really silly. It just looks sooo fake. Not that I’m the expert in vampire bites or anything. But Jasper was supposedly bit all over his body. Wouldn’t he be covered in similar bite marks like that? I thought that it was only barely visible (especially against Bella’s already pale skin) and slightly shimmered in direct sunlight. Oh, and I think the ring is really pretty (but not really Victorian in nature).

    • Jasper was already a vamp when he was bitten so that might be why he’s different. (and who knows, they could completely leave it out of the movie) Also I think it was only on his shoulders, arms, and maybe back…all hidden by long-sleeve shirts.

    • Also they may have purposefully made the scar more prominent so it could be seen on the camera.

  2. And the film student approacheth…

    I really like this shot… especially how the charm bracelet is positioned… you can only see the heart, which is appropriate because it’s all about Edward right now.

  3. Forget the ring (which I think is hideous) — check out the bedspread! Gorgeous! I wonder if it will be available like Bella’s purple one is at Target …

  4. Honestly don’t see why people are like ‘OMG you can see her ring!’ You could see what it was like for years now. It’s been available to buy since “Eclipse” the book came out.

    And I don’t think it’s hideous, per se. Not my style though, but works for Bella and Edward, since they’re both old souls (he more literally than her)

    • And if you look at the pic of the ring that is for sale — supposedly the same design as used in the movie — it is actually much nicer looking than you see in the photo. I think it’s just the angle of the picture. With a more straight-on shot you’d see the diamonds and it wouldn’t look so matte/plain.

      Also, if I recall, this isn’t an official still from Summit, it’s a screencap from the trailer. I’m sure if Summit wanted to put out an “engagement” still or official photo, it’d showcase the ring better.

  5. The ring – cool. But I don’t understand why everyone’s so ridiculously excited about it. Edward proposed to Bella at the end of New Moon.

  6. the best engagement ring is the one that is diamond or ruby studded. it is really an eye candy for a girl’`.

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