New Eclipse images, trailer mash-up & a Twi-Prom!

* Teen Vogue has a cool new feature on having a Twilight-inspired prom, with fashion tips for dressing like Bella, Alice or Rosalie for the big dance!

* Then, a new still image from Eclipse, this time feauturing Xavier Samuel as Riley and the other newborns (via MTV):

* We also have a new image of Jodelle Ferland as Bree from the Official Twilight Convention’s website.

* We also have this super-fun mash-up of both Eclipse trailers:

For the comments: Whose prom style do you like the best? Which one did you wear/would you most likely wear?

Personally, I was a total “Bella” at my prom … I did, in fact, wear a cardigan with my poofy dress. And for shoes, I glued sequins to a pair of black Keds. They were awesome.


One Response

  1. I want more of the Cullens, not Riley and the newborns!

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