We want your Breaking Dawn thoughts & opinions!

With news that Bill Condon will direct Breaking Dawn (and that Stephenie Meyer is producing) — we wanted your thoughts on a few matters.

Take our polls below & share your thoughts in the comments:

For the comments: Feel free to elaborate on your responses to the polls … and chime in with fantasy casting ideas for any of the new characters in Breaking Dawn!

6 Responses

  1. BD should be filmed wherever the most re-usable sets from previous movies are. Save the money for the FX, etc.

  2. BD should be two movies as one 2 hr movie would not truly do justice to the book. It is the most detailed of all the four novels I think and for a movie to truly depict the book it would have to be very long, say about 4+ hours or split into 2 parts.

  3. I think it shouuld be filmed where either Eclipse or New Moon was shot so it keeps looking like the same movie. There’s such a difference in each movie. More so from Twilight to New Moon. I know this is because there had a bigger buget and a different directors but i’d like the movies to look simalar.

    If thats not possible it would be nice for them to film on the east coast so i can stalk them too. 🙂

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