Lots of new Eclipse character promo photos!

Everyone wants to see pictures of their favorite characters from Eclipse — and now you can. A whole bunch of character promotional photos have been released. Here’s just a few:

See the rest from Crepuscula La Saga.


20 Responses

  1. AWESOME!!!!! This is exactly what all of the Twilight freaks (myself included) have been waiting for. 😀

  2. Most of these are absolutely beautiful! Love, love, love the one of Rose we’ve seen on the Eclipse website! And of course I’ll take any new picture of Dr. Cullen I can get my hands on!!

    One critical comment – why do they always make Jackson look like eight levels of crazy in his promo pics of Jasper? Good grief!

    • I know how you feel about Jasper. His hair makes him look like Ronald McDonald (undead version!)

      • I actually like Jasper’s longer hair. This is not perhaps the best pic of him, but the shots of him in the trailer and Walmart sneak peak…way better than New Moon! Twilight was OK but he always looked constipated or something. I like Jasper a little more relaxed… 🙂

  3. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Ashley is such a beautiful Alice.

  4. amazing pics that all twiFans have been waiting for. wot do you all think of bryce, the new victoria? personally, i really liked rachelle and im not yet convinced. your ideas?

    • I think it’s unfortunate that Rachelle was replaced, but it looks like they did a good job in finding someone who could pull off the look. And really, do any of the characters look the same as they did in Twilight or even New Moon? So I don’t think she stands out as “too different from before.”

      As far as how she portrays Victoria, that remains to be seen so I’m trying to reserve judgement.

      I feel somewhat bad for Bryce because a lot of fans have taken it out on her. It wasn’t her fault that Summit chose to replace Rachelle.

      • Fair point – the characters have all been through changes and the main part is to see how she does in eclipse in june/july. It’s hard to remain positive though as I loved Rachelle and catherine hardwicke chose an amazing victoria – after reading several times what she wrote in the twilight directors handbook about her, I was conviced we had “Victoria”. then again, maybe bryce will prove us all wrong – there was originally debate about weather THE RPATTZ was right for edward, its unthinkable and impossible to imagine the saga without him now. Maybe you’re right – we will just have to wait and see.

  5. @TeamEdward,

    Yup, that’s just the thing…we haven’t really seen anything from Bryce in the trailers so there’s really nothing to judge yet. She could do great. She could be awful. We’ll just have to wait 56 more days to find out. 56 days! Less than two months! Yay!!

    • Yeah you’re right – we’ll have to wait till then to judge! Personally, I’m not sure about Jaspers hair – i have friends whose brother looked exactly like the twilight & new moon jasper, we called his DASPER. well, no more with jacksons new hair cut! Anyway lucky you addcited2edward, im one of the unlucky british fans who has to wait until july – JULY OK JULY!? I’ll have to avoid the internet all of 9 days to miss reviews! Enjoy eclipse anyway! Which is your favourite?

    • personally, eclipse is my favourite book – because, being team edward, she makes the big choice of choosing edward official with the engagement – i love all the romance. then twilight, breaking dawn and new moon – much too less EDWARD!!!! what do you think of the films so far?

      • I love the beginning of the romance. The “does he”/”does she”, the butterflies in the stomach ,etc. 🙂

        I thought New Moon was done pretty well with the exception of Edward’s dialogue. I was disappointed that so much of his words were changed between the book and the movie when much of the rest of the movie was fairly close to the book. Little details too, like the costumes and Jasper’s hair. But overall, I really loved Chris Weitz’s work.

        Twilight…it started out so good and ended well, but the middle…ugh. I felt so much from the book was lost. I try to overlook/forgive the cheesy effects because of the lower budget, but the screenplay, I thought, was awful. And I hate that blue tint with a passion. I love the bright, vibrant colors of New Moon.

        Eclipse looks like it will be really good. My main concern is, everything seems so dark, like instead of Twilight’s blue tint, there’s a gray tint. Again, I loved the brightness of New Moon. My other hope is that the screenwriter FINALLY gets Edward’s dialgoue right. I feel she really missed the mark on his character in the first two movies.

      • TEAM EDWARD FOREVER! He’s SO much better than Jacob. I mean, Jacob’s a good friend, but he doesn’t care about Bella nearly as much as Edward does. And Jacob knows what happens when a werewolf imprints and leaves his ex-girlfriend behind – Just look at Leah, she’s miserable! And yet, ignoring all this, Jacob wanted Bella to choose him over Edward, even though Jacob might very well imprint on someone else!

  6. These are awesome. (:

  7. I agree about New Moon completly – the colours Chris used were much closer to how I imagined they should be – apart from Edward’s suit. that left for many mean comments to be made from my Team Jacon/now Team Riley friends.
    Of course, Twilight was directed by a true TwiFan and you could tell by attention to detail, music choices (thought apart from the absence of Paramore ill admit I prefer the new moon soundtrack) and most things seemed perfect. Of course, it had its downsides – though I love the bit where Edward catches the apple 😉
    Maybe eclipse will be perfect as we all hope, it seems darker, but I suppose it is – the romance between edward & bella is much more serious and it involves more fighting. I suppose Summit chose who they thought would do best.
    So, for me, I shall have to wait until the 9 July to make my judgement. Count yourself lucky in the USA.
    (by the way, have you seen Remember Me? if you have tell me everything I havent yet!)


  9. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW WOW WOW ………………..

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