New Eclipse Image: The Cullen Men!

Check out this delightful, newly released still image from Eclipse featuring the Cullen men:

This photo comes from a new article from The LA Times:

“The guys are going to bring their girlfriends to this one, mark my words,” said Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen. “There’s a lot of fighting, a lot of cool stunts. It’s a little darker. The stuff I’ve seen so far is amazing. Amazing. The music is great. Everything is just really captivating. I’m excited to see it, and I’m excited for the fans to see it. The stunts are so cool. It was a bit weird, like for the main battle scene where the newborns come in. I mean, we’re looking at these cardboard cutouts as we’re acting, as we’re supposed to be head-butting creatures. So to see it live on the screen is so cool. And running on the treadmills to do the chase scene was awesome. We were being pulled by a truck going really fast to make it seem like we were running at vampiric speed. To see it on screen, it looks epic.”

See the rest online.


8 Responses

  1. YUM! Love it! Cannot wait.

  2. Yay! Finally more Cullens! ❤

    I find it interesting that Emmett, Carlisle, and Jasper are all wearing button-down shirts and sweaters (well, vest in Emmett's case) while Edward is wearing a hoodie. Although Edward was first to be turned by Carlisle and second only to Jasper in vampire age, he was the youngest when he was turned and therefore the youngest physically. I wonder if they are trying to portray that? In this shot, he definitely looks like the stubborn, pissed off teenager with a couple of college kids and a father figure.

    • I remember reading some interview with the costume designer, who was saying that Edward’s style is much more casual & laid-back in “Eclipse” to reflect that he’s more comfortable in his relationship with Bella. I think that’s what she said. Though personally, I wish he’d class it up a bit like the other Cullen guys. 🙂

      • Well, Edward IS eternally seventeen. And I don’t know of many seventeen-year old guys who enjoy dressing up. Plus, Edward has acted so formal for the past century, and now he has Bella, who brings out his humanity. I think that’s even more obvious in “Eclipse” (the bed scene, anyone?), so I think that’s probably what the costume designer is trying to convey.

        Besides, we all know how fabulously delicious he’ll look in a tux for the wedding in BD. 😉

      • Tux?!?! Oy … thanks for that image. Now I *really* can’t wait for the last movie …

      • @LivesAmongTheStars,

        >Besides, we all know how fabulously delicious he’ll look
        >in a tux

        Mmm…Rob in a tux… *THUD*

  3. Poor Jasper. Look at his hair it just keeps getting worse every movie. =(

    • Totally. He looks like Ronald McDonald! How does he survive with such freaky hair? :0

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