NNT at TwiTour Charlotte: Meet Peter Facinelli

One of the coolest things about the Official Twilight Convention is its ability to bring Twilight fans in contact with some of their favorite stars from the ever popular franchise. And no, I don’t mean in a crazy way. Despite the media’s attempts to present Twilight fans as screaming girls foaming at the mouth, everyone was well behaved in Charlotte.

When I was approached about attending the convention in NC, I was stoked. Then to find out I was speaking? Scared. I’m not the best public speaker. I got nervous. And let’s be honest….I didn’t think Twilight fans would really care about seeing me or how I used popular YA books in the classroom when Peter Facinelli was going to speak later in the afternoon. But even after some stress because of schedule changes (thought I was presenting Sat only to be told Friday) and driving six hours, my weekend was amazing! One of the best parts was the Q&A with Peter Facinelli.

Here are some of the highlights:

* Peter’s favorite scene in New Moon was the scene he shot with Kristen where Bella and Carlisle discussed Edward’s soul while he stitched her up.

* Peter says the make-up artists have tried everything to get the perfect vampire skin tone. He even joked with a fan that maybe the best way to get the vampire paleness was to go to a really good paint store. Apparently they spend a lot of time in the make-up chair.

* Peter was very concerned about the fan’s reaction to his supposed “accent” in the Eclipse trailer. He said it was more of a dialect, and that Carlisle has ALWAYS had it. We just haven’t gotten enough screen time with him to truly appreciate it yet. He was genuinely concerned over this, and it became very obvious that he takes playing papa Cullen very seriously.

* Peter joked that Carlisle seems to never be around when he is needed. Perfect example? The birth scene. He cracked a tongue in cheek response as Carlisle in response to Edward’s delivery of the baby: Wait. You chewed it out?

* Peter joked about the ballet scene in Twilight stating all Carlisle did was hold Bella’s thigh. He could of easily saved her, but felt like Carlisle was giving Edward the space to become a man.

* Peter is NOT good with pets.

Check back on Saturday for the story behind my pic with Mr. Facinelli as well as more pictures from the convention. And don’t forget to keep checking back over the next month for all sorts of coverage of the event!


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