Where you can see the Eclipse trailer in theaters …

Today, I went to see the new Iron Man 2 in IMAX — and I can assure you, it was just as kick-ass as the first one. (Who doesn’t love Robert Downey, Jr., seriously?)

In addition to a rockin’ movie experience, the theater where I went played an assortment of trailers for upcoming IMAX movies — including The Twilight Saga: Eclipse! And good grief, Edward is even more amazing in IMAX — and so are all those fight sequences! (I also got a bid giddy at the IMAX trailers for Inception and Tron Legacy, but that was probably me just being my usual movie geek self).

In addition to that possibility (no guarantees if you see Iron Man that you’ll get the Eclipse trailer), Summit Entertainment has announced that the trailer for Eclipse will definitely be showing with special sneak peek screenings of Letters to Juliet this Sunday, Mother’s Day. So there you have it!

For the comments: Have you seen the Eclipse trailer in theaters? What movie was it playing with?


One Response

  1. I saw Iron Man 2 yesterday. Just the regular movie, not in IMAX, and they didn’t have the Eclipse trailer. I feel robbed. 😦

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