The Twilight Saga: Eclipse tickets are now on sale!!

Be the first  to know when Eclipse tix go on saleAs of midnight (ET) tonight — advanced tickets for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse are now on sale!

Don’t get sold out! Buy advance tickets to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse from our friends at Fandango.

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UPDATE: If you had trouble getting your tickets immediately after midnight, here’s a note from Fandango:

Dear all Twilight fans! We are sorry you were discouraged that showtimes took awhile to show up. Please note that Fandango does not load the showtimes, but each individual theater does. Once they do, then you can proceed to buy your tickets in advance on Fandango. Thanks for your patience and we are also excited for this film!

12 Responses

  1. So, why don’t they all go on sale at the same time? Ugh! It looks as if I stayed up until midnight for nothing.. \cry

    • check your theater’s website. Mine wasn’t listed on fandango (not all theaters sell through fandango) but when I went to the website of the theater (cinemark in this case), they had eclipse listed.

  2. OK Excuse me while I fangirl for a bit!!!!!!!

    I just ordered tickets for all three movies, one after another….and I’m going with a fellow Twilight fan!! I’ll finally be able to gush over Edward and not have to hold it in check cause I’m with hubby. heehee

    I am sooooo excited!!!!!

    • What do you mean “all three movies”? Twilight, New Moon, AND Eclipse? How is that possible?

      • YES!!!! My theater is showing all three back-to-back starting at 7:00 Tuesday night! They did it when NM came out, too, showing Twilight right before. But I wasn’t able to go.

        Check your local theaters, they may be doing the same thing!

    • Ooh, super fun!

      I just got tix for the one movie … but it’s in IMAX!!!! *super high-def Edward*

      • My IMAX theater doesn’t have any shows listed after May 20 yet (what’s up with that?!) but I fully intend to see Eclipse in IMAX on Wednesday night.

        We also have a drive-in not too far away and I’m HOPING HOPING HOPING they will show Eclipse that weekend. Three times in one week?! Yup guess I really am that crazy!

  3. So excited going to see midnight showing of Eclipse at IMAX with my daughter and bestie! At my IMAX theater you get to pick your seats when you buy tix so you don’t have to worry about getting a good seat. I can’t wait!!!

  4. My IMAX theater is only showing Eclipse from Fri July 2-Sun July 4. WHAT?!?!?! I’m so ticked!

    • I hate to say I’m not surprised … there are a TON of IMAX movies coming out this summer, so there’s a lot of competition to get into those screens. As it is, “Eclipse” is only getting a two-week run in IMAX in general.

      • Really? I guess the other movies aren’t selling tix early cause there are NO other movies listed in the IMAX theater in the surrounding dates. I don’t understand why they couldn’t at least do June 30-July 4.

        We have family coming in for 4th of July weekend so it means I may not get to see it in IMAX at all simply because they don’t have a couple of more days. 😦

      • Well, maybe they’ll release some more dates as it gets closer … *fingers crossed*

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