Eclipse Fan Fiction Challenge Winners!

Alright…I know you’ve all been waiting as patiently as possible for this post.  I’m sorry it took me a little longer this time, but I’m going to blame all of you for writing such great stories. 😉  But seriously, I’m thrilled with the stories that were submitted for this challenge…it just made it harder to narrow it down to only three winners!

There were seven or eight stories that I really liked, and I plan to feature them on Novel Novice Twilight in the future.

But for now, here are the three stories I felt deserved the top three honors for this challenge.  Each of these authors can post this banner with their stories on their personal websites or fanfiction sites.

First Place: Rite of Passage by Bonny Sammy

This story shows us a “missing moment” from Eclipse — the events leading up to Bree’s transformation.  What I especially liked was that the author took a small detail from canon, a name mentioned in passing between Edward and Bella, and worked it into her story.  It will be interesting to see, once The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner is released, how close this author’s characterization of Bree is.

Second Place: Every Dog Has His Day by Kimmydonn

This story recounts what may have been one of Seth’s longest mornings: standing guard in front of the tent and then the fight with Riley and Victoria.  Seth has a front-row seat to the battle through the eyes of the other wolves in his role as “cell phone” so in this story you get not only Seth’s thoughts, but the other wolves’ thoughts and actions. NOTE: this story is a “mature” PG-13.  It doesn’t go as far as needing an R rating, but it is a little more explicit than the books.  Seth is a fifteen-year-old boy, after all, and his thoughts reflect such.

Third Place: Showdown by KristenLynn

In this story, we get a brief glimpse into the events leading up to the battle, from Riley’s point-of-view.  We see his struggles to control the newborns and his confusion about Victoria’s intentions.

* * *

Congrats to the winners! See past challenge winners here, and be sure to check out our next challenge: The Wedding of Edward and Bella… the deadline is June 30th!


5 Responses

  1. Thank you, Addicted2Edward! Finally, challenge winners! Thank you, NNT! 😀

    I didn’t win, but congratulations to those who did! I can’t wait to read “Rite of Passage” – I wrote my own story about Bree, titled “Newborn”, but I’m sure that “Rite of Passage” was better, since it won and I didn’t. 😀 Congratulations, everyone!

    Out of curiousity, Addicted2Edward, which stories were the runners-up?

    • The runners up will be posted in an upcoming feature here on NNT so I’m gonna keep you all in suspense on that for now. 😉

      If you are interested in feedback on your stories specifically, I’d be happy to email you privately.

      Judging this challenge was so difficult because there were so many really good entries. It really came down to little details to make the decision. If I could have named them all winning entries, I would have. 🙂

    • I’m not specifically seeking feedback on my stories, but thanks for offering. I’m just curious to see the other entries that you were so torn between! I’ll definetly be watching for that upcoming NNT feature! 🙂

  2. All three were fantastic. Nice work. I always read the fan fic challenges and these were some of the best in a while.

  3. Just wanted to congratulate the author of “Showdown” – I liked it. 🙂

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