Exclusive Review: FAME: Robert Pattinson Comic Book

We were recently given the chance to check out the new FAME: Robert Pattinson comic book from Bluewater Productions, and written by our good friend Kimberly Sherman. And while I’ve never been a huge comic book reader, this concept is really cool — and the execution with FAME: Robert Pattinson is top notch. Fans of both The Twilight Saga and of Robert Pattinson, in general, will thoroughly enjoy this fresh, engaging take on his life and his work in film so-far.

Sherman does an excellent job of breaking down the aspects of his career into five categories based on the five senses: sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. Her approach to the biographical comic book is clean and easily approachable for fans of all ages. The accompanying illustrations, most based on photos fans will recognize, are also delightful and help advance the story of Pattinson’s career.

I also got some personal kicks out of the comic’s opening, which begins with a panel featuring Powell’s Books, an iconic bookstore in Downtown Portland — my home city & also one of my favorite places to buy books!

Fans of all devotion — from mild interest to die-hard follower — will all find something to enjoy in FAME: Robert Pattinson. It’s a unique look at this young actor’s blossoming career, and has a fresh perspective on where he’s headed next based on his work so-far, and what he’s already got on the line for the near future.

FAME: Robert Pattinson is now available for $3.99 and can be bought online, or in a comic store near you. You can also find a sneak preview of some of the pages from the comic via MTV Splash Page.


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