USA Today: Rob, Kristen & Taylor discuss Eclipse & more

USA Today has a wonderful new article featuring Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner. The newspaper interviewed them fresh off their appearance on Oprah, and they’ve all got some great things to say. Here are a few highlights:

Casual yet cool Kristen Stewart can be a real chatterbox, unlike her moody Bella Swan, the high schooler in a romantic tug of war between these two supernatural objects of teen desire.

Lucky girl, right? “Yeah, but that’s in the movies,” Stewart says about bringing to life the modern-day Gothic heroine from the insanely popular Twilight book series (85 million copies sold so far). “I’m just the ultimate fan. If you read a story and you like it andconnect to it, it probably means you’ve inserted yourself in the story, and I get to do that on the most glorified level possible.”


Even Lautner’s CG wolf alter-ego is more adorable than in New Moon. “Yeah,” says the actor, sheepishly. “It was very cuddly. I don’t know if that’s what we were aiming for.”

He waffles over the wisdom of sharing an anecdote about the scene in which the vicious horse-sized beast sweetly nuzzles Bella and she scratches his ear. After a little coaxing, he relents.

“That day I came on set and put on this tight gray spandex suit …”

“There is dialogue and I talk to him,” Stewart explains. “I said, ‘How am I going to do this without Taylor?’ ” So instead of the actress pretending that a massive computer-animated wolf was nearby, Lautner volunteered to be its stand-in.

“Basically, it looked like a Teletubby,” he continues about his outfit. “I had this circle on the face but everything else was covered. It was weird. But, yeah, I stood there and would literally bend over …”

“I would actually pet his head,” Stewart adds.


Pattinson, meanwhile, struggled with Edward’s rather formal proposal to Bella, which reflects the fact that although his vintage vampire looks 17, he hails from the turn of the last century.

“I was dreading the day it was coming,” he says of the scene that was held until the very end of the shoot. “The first time I read the script, I thought, ‘This is impossible.’ ” References to “promenades” and sharing “iced tea on the porch” as Edward explains how he would have courted Bella in the old days especially stuck in his throat. “It’s so earnest. I finally convinced the producers that you can play it with a bit of awareness of not being a fictional character. I’m not trying to be part of a Gothic novel.”

When Pattinson finally watched it, however, he was pleasantly surprised. “It seems different when you see it.”

See the rest on USA Today.


4 Responses

  1. I really do love this series a bunch. But I feel like RPattz is constantly complaining about something. Didn’t he know that he was signing up for the whole series?? Didn’t he read the books and know what he was getting into (i.e. the whole proposal scene that he was ‘dreading’)? Why doesn’t he seem to care about that as much as Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner do?

    • I don’t think he read all four books before signing on for Twilight. Remember, in the beginning, it was just Twilight to be filmed. And, in the beginning, none of them knew how big it would become. Twilight was viewed as a cult indy film.

      He also never expected to get the part because he didn’t believe he was good-looking enough or able to play the role of “the perfect guy”.

      I think he does care, very much, about his success in portraying Edward. Maybe I’m misreading his quote, but I think he was dreading it because he wasn’t sure how to make it sound sincere and real. Most of his “complaining” is self-deprecating and him questioning his own work. Whether he truly questions himself that much or whether it’s just a coping mechanism for his nerves from being in the spotlight so much…only he could answer that.

      • You’re probably right. I’m probably too hard on him because he does seem to be pretty self-deprecating most of the time. I think he needs to stop worrying so much about not being good enough.

      • Yeah, you have a point. But it shows that he really cares about portraying Edward correctly. And he has every reason to be nervous. He gets assaulted by Twilighters 24/7, and if he does a poor job in Eclipse, they will all hate him! He has quite a reputation and a gigantic group of Twilight fans watching his every move. If that’s not a reason to be uptight, I don’t know what is…

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