Jackson Rathbone Interviewed by Saturday Night Magazine

So, what’s with the snazzy picture of Jackson here?  He just did an awesome interview with Saturday Night Magazine!  In the interview, he talks about both Eclipse and The Last Airbender, as well as your basic “getting to know you” questions.

Here are a few questions (and answers) that seemed kind of interesting! 

On The Last Airbender:

SNMag: Did you have to do any training or physical prep for the role?
JR: There was a good two months of kung fu training in LA and then continued training while we were filming. But it was really fun, I loved it. That’s one of the really cool things about being an actor: you get paid to learn kung fu!

On Twilight:

SNMag: What’s your relationship like with the rest of the cast? How do you spend your time on set?
JR: It’s fun because we play a family on screen and so getting to come back and do these sequels is like a family reunion. A lot of us are musicians as well as actors so we’d all get together in the rooms and we’d have jam sessions and make up songs. I’d play guitar and harmonica, Rob would play guitar and sing or Kristen would play guitar.

He also talks about his other projects… and….

his relationship status!  Ssh!

Go check out the rest over at Saturday Night Magazine!


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