Nikki Reed unveils new Eclipse clip on “Ellen”

Nikki Reed was on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” today to talk about Eclipse. She also unveiled a brief new clip from the movie, which was from the (in)famous exchange between Rosalie and Bella:

You can also read about Nikki’s appearance at the Twilight Examiner, where Amanda Bell compares the dialogue from this scene to the dialogue from the book!


8 Responses

  1. I don’t understand how they can make all these cool effects with the werewolves and such and can’t make Rosalie look like the beautiful vampire she’s supposed to be.

    • Completely agreed. And poor Jasper. He gets more weird looking with every new movie. They need to work on our beloved vamps as much as they enhance the werewolves.

      • I’m one of few that actually likes the new Jasper. I wish he had long hair from the beginning.

      • @Addicted2Edward, seriously? No offense, but he really does look like Ronald McDonald. LOL 😛

      • seriously. I don’t get the “Ronald McDonald” reference. The Ronald McDonald I remember has curly, puffy red clown hair.

        Jasper’s hair in New Moon was awful.

        Jasper in Eclipse looks all bad ass in the fight scenes that were in the clip on the Walmart DVD. The way Jasper should be. If only Jackson were taller and a little more buff…

        It’s a shame they have so much trouble with Jasper…Jackson is really pretty hot when he’s not made up like Jasper.

  2. Jasper’s hair looks like Ronald McDonald! 😦

  3. haaha, I think his hair looks more like a blonde version of Willy Wonka.

  4. aaawww…poor Jasper…never gets any love. LOL

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