Muse’s Neutron Star Collision Video

Update: A new, HQ version of the Muse video for Neutron Star Collision has just been premiered on MTV.  It is infused with tons of clips from Eclipse, including some steam at the end.  (I won’t give it away!)

UPDATE #2: Viacom has blocked the youtube version below, but you can watch the video on MTV!

Thanks to RPlife for the heads-up and thanks to Thinking of Rob for the youtube upload.

For the comments:  What’s your favorite line in the song?


5 Responses

  1. I think my favorite line is:
    “I have nothing left to lose
    You took your time to choose”
    I think this line is written for/by Edward and Jacob. They’re both so in love with Bella, and both of them do whatever they can to make sure that Bella wants to be with him. Jacob obviously goes all out in Eclipse when he realizes exactly what Bella is giving up to be with Edward. I just really love this song. It’s pretty incredible.

  2. Would love to comment but just as I thought, the video has been blocked due to copyright laws. So frustrating!

  3. “Our love would be forever
    And if we die
    We die together ”

    Love those lines *swoons*

    Also love how it’s my bday today and that premiered. Thanks for the pressie, Muse 😉

  4. Finally got a chance to watch it…

    I had to check to make sure my heart was still beating! I hope the video is included on the DVD…

  5. Edward’s look on 3:05…pure deliciousness… 😉

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