Full Eclipse clip: “I kissed Bella” (aka “Angry Edward”)

Here is the full clip of the fight scene from Eclipse between Edward & Jacob over the kiss:


16 Responses

  1. *sigh* – can’t wait.

  2. I SO want to know what Charlie says after that — you know it’s going to be hilarious!

  3. […] if you are a Twilight fan, you must check out this link http://twilightnovelnovice.com/2010/05/21/full-eclipse-clip-i-kissed-bella-aka-angry-edward/ย of not-too-happy Edward after finding out Jacob kissed Bella.ย  Sorry, wolf – the Vamp is […]

  4. Awesome!

  5. OK I’m sorry – I agree billy burke is amazing as charlie and I also can’t wait to see WOT HE SAYS NEXT, but why are we talking about him in a clip that involves EDWARD? A clip that has edward looking super hot in a black hoody? (wow he suits black). from a more serious point of view, his hair has once again gone down a notch and looks incredible – personally, im soooo sorry ROB, but its an improvment to wots uve just done 2 ur hair – that might have kinda made me cry ๐Ÿ™‚ WOW I CANT WAIT! 49 days 2 go 4 UK fans!

  6. I loved this scene in the book and it looks like it’s going to be just as amazing in the movie! Can’t wait!

  7. ummm………. how did Edward know if they’re both arriving at the same time?

    goshdarn you film school! you’ve made me overly critical. lol

    • Maybe she called him from the car.

      • That makes sense. I LOVE their phone conversation in the novel! It’s so hilarious!

        ‘ “I punched Jacob.”
        “Good. Though I’m sorry you’re hurt.”
        “I wish I’d hurt *him*. I didn’t do any damage at all.”
        “I can fix that.”
        “I was hoping you’d say that.”
        “That doesn’t sound like you. What did he *do*?”
        “He kissed me.”
        All I heard on the other end of the line was the sound of an engine accelerating.’

        Yes, I had my book on hand. I just had to do it. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • >All I heard on the other end of the line was the sound of an engine accelerating.

        My fave part ๐Ÿ™‚ Just imaging the look on Edward’s face…what’s going through his mind….

    • in the book, she called him.

  8. Wow, only Twihards would be having this conversation! ๐Ÿ™‚

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