Most-Anticipated Scenes in Eclipse: What the Fans Want!

Earlier today, we asked Novel Novice Twilight fans on Facebook & Twitter which scenes from Eclipse they were most anticipating. While varied, there were definitely some consistencies amongst the responses. Here, we break down the top 10 most-anticipated scenes in Eclipse that fans want to see on the big screen:

1. Chapter 20: “Compromise” … aka “The Leg Hitch”

2. The Tent Scene

3. “Angry Edward”
(which we caught a glimpse of in this recently released clip)

4. Jasper’s Story

5. Rosalie’s Story
(we previewed the introduction to this scene in this released clip)

6. Edward’s Proposal
(which, technically, falls under the “Chapter 20″/”Leg Hitch” category, but got enough independent votes to qualify for its own ranking)

7. The Fight w/the Newborns

8. Bella Punching Jake

9. Visiting Renee in Florida

10. “The Talk” with Charlie

So now we want to put it to a vote … take our poll below to vote for which scene you’re most excited to see in Eclipse. You can write-in additional choices in the comments below!


One Response

  1. I would love to see the scene where they show Bella that she should not worry about Alice in a battle. It’s in the meadow and Alice and Jasper spar.

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