New Eclipse promotional poster: Edward & the Cullens

Here’s the latest Eclipse promotional poster (via Twilight Lexicon):

For the comments: I’m sure you all have an opinion on this one. Share it in the comments below!


4 Responses

  1. Rosalie looks really pretty, and Alice looks badass! Yay.
    I liked Esme’s look best in the first movie so I’m not crazy about her in this movie (her hair is worse I think).
    Emmett’s hair looks really, really weird in this poster. Like some kind of renaissance page or something.

    • I completely agree about Emmett’s hair. I thought their hair wasn’t supposed to grow or change. I mean, I understand that their hair obviously grows… but I really thought Emmett’s was shorter (and less dorky looking?) in Twilight and New Moon.

      • Not a single Cullen has had the same hair in all three movies. Edward and Carlisle are probably the closest between New Moon and Eclipse.

        I understand different directors, but why not the same costume designers and hair and makeup people to keep some continuity??

  2. I know! I mean changing the lighting and overall mood of the fil is one thing, but the vamps are supposed to be timeless. So that’s kind of disappointing.

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