Bella & Edward ornament coming soon from Hallmark

news flash bite by NovelNovice.

Now you can have Bella and Edward dangling from your Christmas Tree this year! Hallmark has now made a Bella and Edward keepsake ornament!

The keepsake is listed for $14.95 in the US!

UPDATE: Hallmark tells us the ornament will be in stores starting July  10th!

How many of you are going to have this on their Christmas Tree this year?

Let us know what you think!


7 Responses

  1. Oh oh, I will be getting a few, one for me, some for gifts! Looks like a pretty good sculpt and it will go nicely with my Leia and Han ornaments!
    I wonder if I can create an all girl y geek tree?

  2. Don’t really look anything like Edward and Bella, but I’ll probably get them anyway. LOL

  3. Christmas, for me, is about God and the Saviour. I don’t personally want an awesome, but dark-themed Twilight ornament on my Christmas tree.

  4. Oh, I get the feeling I’ll be getting more than one of these from friends and family!

  5. I doesn’t really look like Bella & Edward but, I will get one for my Twilight collection.

  6. & in the UK….????? theyre are mad super fans here 2 ;] x

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