Eclipse’s Newest Stars- InStyle Interview

InStyle has a new interview with some of the wolf pack members.  In the pictures and interviews,  Tinsel Korey, Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, and Julia Jones, talk about their time on set and what their lives have been like since New Moon.  Chaske Spencer says:

““It’s a star-maker,” Spencer said of the series. “It’s definitely opened a lot of doors.”

Both Julia Jones and Alex Meraz have already signed onto new projects from their Twilight-related exposure.

Spencer goes on to talk about how he auditioned for several of the Quileute roles before being offered the role of Sam.

“I looked in the book, and saw how big a part it was, and was like, ‘I’ll take it,’”

Fellow wolf-pack member Alex Meraz tells InStyle how being together made them feel so much like a family, especially being able to rely on each other for support.  I’m sure they’re just as happy as we are to be getting back together for Breaking Dawn!

You can read the article and see all of the pictures at InStyle.


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