Friday Twi-News!

And there is Oh-So-Much to share today!  MTV movie awards, sneak peaks of the soundtrack and more!

First, as many, most or all of you know, New Moon is up for several MTV movie awards this year and the voting is still open for 8 more days.  Show your Twi-love support and vote!  You can see all of the categories and nominations here.  Voting ends Saturday, June 5.

As any Team Edward fan knows, Rob Pattinson is not only gorgeous but insanely talented.  Besides looking good on and off the camera, he is an amazing singer/songwriter, and now he is showing off another facet of his artistic side by putting an original artwork of his up for auction for charity on eBay.  Examiner has a story about it here.  And you can bid on his artwork here.

Next up in Twi-News, former Twilight-baddie Rachelle Leferve has decided to be the bigger person in the whole Twilight debacle and is going to see Eclipse in support of her former cast mates.  In a lunch-interview with E!Online, Leferve told Marc Malkin:

“They’re amazing people and they’re great kids and they’re doing awesome work. Why shouldn’t they be supported? And Stephenie Meyer is an incredible writer, as is [screenwriter] Melissa Rosenberg, and I think both of them should be celebrated.”

We always knew we loved Rachelle!

Speaking of things we love, how about some music news?  Did you know that you can hear an exclusive sneak peek of the Eclipse soundtrack before anyone else?  It’s true!  The official Eclipse Soundtrack Website is going to be previewing 3 (yes you read right, 3!!!) songs from the soundtrack on Monday.  By pre-ordering the soundtrack before then and being added to the exclusive Twi-insiders mailing list, you can hear the songs on Monday.  There’s no hint to which songs it will be, but personally, I love the excitement of the surprise!

Last, but certainly not least, has a new interview with hometown native Julia Jones who will be playing Leah Clearwater in Eclipse (which I just realized is down to just over a month away, is anyone else as thrilled as I am?).  There are some lovely new pictures to go along with the article, in which Jones has some really sweet things to say about her young co-stars.

“My overall observation was that they just have it down. Kristen steps in and out of character. Rob – same thing. Taylor, too. It’s been incredible on a bunch of levels.”

Jones goes on to talk about her time dancing with the Boston Ballet and how she felt at the premiere of New Moon last November.  You can see the full article here.

Thanks to: Twilight Poison, Twilight Lexicon, and HisGoldenEyes for the heads up!


3 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to see Leah Clearwater on the screen. I feel like I really understand her character, because I’ve written two fanfics from her POV, and I sort of get what her character is going through and why she’s so bitter all the time. She’s my favorite werewolf and I can’t wait to see her in Eclipse as both a human and a CG wolf (especially when she gets in trouble with the newborn causing Jacob’s injury during the fight)! 😀

    • I’m really excited to see Leah too! Julia Jones seems really invested in the movie and in the franchise. I can’t wait to see how she portrays sch a tortured character!

  2. And it was sweet and supportive of Rachelle LeFevre to decide to see Eclipse despite being replaced.

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