Eclipse breaks box office records & more Twi-News

* According to Variety, Eclipse has smashed the box office record for a midnight opening:

Summit’s “Eclipse” scored massive figures Tuesday night, with more than $30 million at some 4,000 engagements, enough to become the all-time highest-grossing pic for midnight runs.

The franchise’s third outing, which surpassed “Twilight” predecessor “New Moon” ($26.3 million) for the late-night crown, will expand to 4,416 U.S. locations today. Large-screen exhib Imax posted north of $1 million from 192 engagements, a record-setting take for the company.

Here’s hoping for more box office records in the days to come!

* Reelz Channel’s First Fans have reviewed Eclipse — with good things to say about the film

* The Scorecard review has another great interview, this time it’s a video chat with Taylor Lautner (TSR also posts its ho-hum review of Eclipse … but this review is from a non-fan, guy’s perspective — and even he admits it’s the best movie yet!)

*Of course, lots of coverage from MTV:

* Also, you can now check out Metric’s official music video for “Eclipse (I’m All Yours)” from the Eclipse Soundtrack.

* Our friends at Twilighters Anonymous have uploaded hundreds of HQ photos from the Eclipse premiere


Eclipse is here – but we’ve got MORE prizes for you to win!

It’s finally here — The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is now in theaters across the U.S. — and chances are good that, like me, you went and saw it during a midnight showing last night.

But just because the movie is finally here, doesn’t mean we’re done bringing you cool features here at Novel Novice Twilight.

For our final 30 Days of Eclipse post, we’ve got one more contest — and this one is easy. Here are the details:

The Contest:

Just comment on THIS post, telling us what was your favorite part of the Eclipse movie.

The Prizes:

One first-prize winner will receive a gift pack featuring a Twilight Saga tote bag, t-shirt, Film Fantasy magazine, Fang necklace, red-scented candle, body glitter, Twilight Saga recipe cards & 6 Twilight Saga bracelets

Five runners-up will receive Twilight Saga packs featuring a Twilight booklet, bookmarks, postcards, bracelets, buttons, key chain, sweetheart candies, trading cards & pens!

The Rules:

Just comment on THIS post to be entered.

Please only comment ONCE. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

Prizes can only be mailed to the U.S.


You’ve got one week to enter!

Entries are due by midnight (PT) next Wednesday, July 7th.


We have a few other contests here at Novel Novice Twilight that you can still enter. Here are links & deadlines:

30 Days of Eclipse Kick-Off Contest — Ends at Midnight (PT) tonight 6/30

Twilight Saga & Education Contest — Ends at Midnight (PT) tonight 6/30

Claire de Lune Book Giveaway — Ends Midnight (PT) 7/2

More pre-Eclipse release Twi-News headlines …

* TIME has a new interview with Twilight Saga producer Wyck Godfrey:

Taylor Lautner’s onscreen shirtlessness has become a national punch line. But instead of cutting down on it in Eclipse, you make a joke about it.
These movies have to take the piss out of themselves, if you will. New Moon was such a serious, depressing movie that people felt we had lost a little humor of the books. That joke happened to be mine.

Breaking Dawn is an rated-R book. Will it be transformed into R movies?
I personally believe no. Fundamentally, I don’t believe the audience of the franchise is an R-rated audience.

Rachelle Lefevre, who plays Victoria in the first two movies, had to be replaced in Eclipse. You have said it was a scheduling conflict on her part. Missing a box office hit for scheduling? How does that happen?
I think her management told her it would be fine and that she could do both [projects] without really understanding the realities of our schedule. We were locked into shooting her those first two weeks, and those were the weeks that she wasn’t available. That was a hard lesson. As a producer you can work around [scheduling conflicts] when there’s lead time, but when you find out at the last minute, you cannot. And it was heartbreaking for her and us. As much as people like to report differently, no one likes to replace people in a franchise. You don’t want to rock the boat.

See the rest at

* Access Hollywood caught up with Kristen Stewart (sporting a new ‘do) and Taylor Lautner at the NYC premiere of Eclipse

See the latest Eclipse interviews before seeing the movie!

* More great interviews today from The Scorecard Review … first up, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser:

Bayer: Man/woman, it doesn’t matter. What other character from the Twilight series would you like to play?
Peter: I have Edward envy, I think I’ll go with that. If I was ten years younger.
Nikki: I don’t know. I kind of want to be a wolf.
Peter: Leah?
Nikki: No.
Peter: Jacob? You could have abs.
Nikki: No, Sam … wait, what are you saying? I could have abs?
Peter: Six-pack abs.
Nikki: You’re just revealing to the world I don’t have abs?
Elizabeth: She has some serious abs … [my answer is] Victoria.

Read the rest here.

* Also from TSR, interviews with Bryce Dallas Howard, Xavier Samuel & Dakota Fanning:

Bayer: Xavier, I love when anyone slowly walks out of water, what goes in to filming that scene?
Xavier: We just really looked closely at Wild Things, Denise Richards [laughter]. Really strong source of inspiration. It took weeks to shoot.

Bayer: I guess I was sent to the “bad” vampires room. Dakota, I think you’re just misunderstood. Am I correct?
Dakota: Yeah. Totally. That’s it.

Read the rest here.

* Also check out the TSR’s video interview with Kristen Stewart … I especially love her answer when she’s asked which other character from the Twilight Saga she’d play (man or woman).

* Reelz Channel has a new interview with Taylor Lautner about filming Eclipse, his kiss scene with Kristen Stewart and more

* Reelz has also posted its red black carpet interviews with Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson from the premiere of Eclipse

* Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Cameron Bright

* MTV talks to David Slade about deleted scenes to look for on the Eclipse DVD

For the comments: When are you going to see Eclipse? Be sure to check out our spoiler-free review of the movie — written just for fans!

Desktop Wallpapers: couples, characters & scenes

30 Days of Eclipse is almost over! The movie debuts TONIGHT at midnight!

But that doesn’t mean our countdown is over. So, for today’s batch of Eclipse desktop wallpapers, I wanted to keep things simple. So this collection features two of your favorite characters — Edward & Jacob, one very awkward scene with Bella & Charlie, our favorite villainess, and some of the book’s most beloved couples.

Click to view full-size, then right-click to save:

For the comments: Are you going to a midnight screening of Eclipse tonight? What are your plans?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – A review for fans, by a fan

This will be a mostly spoiler-free review, though I can’t guarantee it 100%. Fair warning.

First things first … if you’ve heard any of the buzz about Eclipse so-far, you’ve heard this: that it’s the best movie yet. As a fan, I’m here to tell you that it’s true. Eclipse is, hands down, the best movie yet. My friend summed it up perfectly tonight, as the credits rolled and she turned to me, saying, “If I wasn’t already a Twilight fan, I would be now!”

There have been lots of theories about why Eclipse is the best movie yet, but I think it all boils down to one simple fact: Eclipse is also the best BOOK in the series. Plain and simple, the filmmakers had the best material to work with, hence, they got the best movie of the franchise. Now, for the sake of full disclosure, let me add that Eclipse is also my personal favorite in the series. But here’s why it is my favorite, and why I think it’s the best book of the series: it’s got the most tension, the most compelling aspects of the love triangle, the most dynamic action and the stakes are higher than ever. I think these same qualities are also what make Eclipse the best of the movies.

Now, I don’t want to discredit all the hard work that went into making the movie — because without all that hard work, even the best source material couldn’t make a good movie. So without further ado, let’s discuss the nitty gritty …


David Slade … thank you. You have truly done this series justice.

With Eclipse, Slade builds upon the work laid down by Catherine Hardwicke in Twilight and Chris Weitz in New Moon — then adds his own mark. Every camera angle feels right for the moment. Every shot works. The pacing is perfect — it’s a fast movie, without feeling rushed. And the pacing has probably been my biggest grudge with the previous movies — Twilight drags, and New Moon definitely has its slower moments. But Eclipse is perfectly timed. Every moment flows into the next naturally, without feeling forced.


The stars of the Twilight Saga are at their finest here in Eclipse.

Kristen Stewart shines as Bella — the young woman torn by “who she should be, and who she is.”  She holds her own amongst the vampires, the werewolves and the humans. And she’s not afraid to talk back to a pouty werewolf or an overbearing vampire. This is truly Stewart’s finest moment in the film franchise to date. Even fans who have not liked her performance as Bella previously will be wowed by her performance here.

Likewise, Robert Pattinson really comes into his own as Edward Cullen — and as much as we’ve seen him blossom on camera in his interviews, so has he blossomed on screen as this character. Edward is still his tormented, moody self — but we also see his desires and wants. And we get to see his lighter side — his romantic, fluffy side and his funny, charming side. We see his weaknesses, too — his jealousy and insecurity. His fears. This is the most three-dimensional we’ve seen his character come to life on screen.

Similarly, props to Taylor Lautner for holding his own against Pattinson. Lautner is really coming into his own as an actor — and where we saw glimmers of his abilities in New Moon, he really shines in Eclipse. He proves, with this movie, that he’s not just a pretty face and a set of abs. Lautner actually made me feel for Jacob — something the books themselves never accomplished. Don’t get me wrong, I am still 100% Team Edward — but this was the first time I ever truly felt sympathy for Jacob as a character, and Lautner gets credit for evoking that emotion.

As always, Billy Burke is my personal favorite and a true stand-out as Charlie Swan … his scenes always steal the moment, whether it’s an awkward sex talk with Bella or a few tears shining in his eyes at graduation. Burke continues to own this role, and I’m really excited to see how he handles Charlie’s scenes in Breaking Dawn. (And how about a Charlie Swan spin-off series? Anyone?)

It would be difficult to pick out all the star performances from the rest of the cast — but they should all get credit here. This is truly an ensemble — and every member of the Cullen family, the Wolf Pack and the humans of Forks High School shine, no matter how small their moment. I only wish we could spend more time with each of them.

And let’s not forget Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. Part of me will always wonder what Rachelle LeFevre would have done in this film — I’ll always be a fan of her performance in the first two movies — but Howard has definitely eased into the role seamlessly. It wasn’t until later, after the movie was over, that I considered LeFevre. Howard is creepy and scary, and yet there are moments where you get a sense of her emotions and a part of you will feel for her, as well. She is perfectly matched on screen with Xavier Samuel as Riley, who definitely takes charge as the villain with the most presence. Even Jodelle Ferland has a few shining moments, which I think fans who read the Bree Tanner novella will especially appreciate. (In fact, her performance made me really glad I’d read the book!)


I’ve already said that I think the Eclipse soundtrack is the best one yet — and that feeling continues with how the music itself was used throughout the film, each time evoking the perfect mood or feeling. The real stand-out for me was the use of “My Love” by Sia — used in a very pivotal moment in the film. Fans, I’m talking about Chapter 20: Compromise. (Leg hitch, anyone?) The music starts out as the perfect background, with it swelling at just the right moment to really draw out the emotion.

Likewise, Howard Shore’s film score is equally moody and moving throughout the film. It feels creepy and eerie in the more tense moments, and yet he also creates sweeping drama and romance in the more tender moments.

Special Effects

This movie ROCKS when it comes to special effects & action scenes. You’ve heard it said that more guys will like this movie? Yeah, well, they will. Shattering body parts, dismemberment … and oh, yeah? Remember that scene in the book where Edward bites off Victoria’s head? Oh. Good. Lord. Yes, it makes it into the movie in a totally epic way. From the opening sequence, to the fight training and the battle scene itself, the action is really top notch in Eclipse. It doesn’t drag on unnecessarily, but it’s definitely meaty and the visuals give us plenty to take in. It’s visually stunning, and it really felt like what a fight between vampires and werewolves should be.


This movie rocks. Best one yet. Go see it. Then go see it again. And maybe a few more times after that.


The new trailer for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows! On the big screen! (I was almost more excited about this trailer than seeing Eclipse itself … blasphemy, I know. But it seriously rocks.)

Exclusive Interview with Eclipse‘s Cameron Bright

We were lucky enough to set up an interview with Cameron Bright this past weekend, ahead of his appearances in Portland, Oregon for Nordstrom’s Eclipse event and Portland’s Twilight Night.

Cameron was super-nice (and many thanks to Lindsay for setting up the interview for us) — and he was more than happy to answer all of our questions, including those submitted by YOU. We talked all about the Eclipse premiere, his favorite part of the movie, being part of the Twilight fandom, Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, Alec’s special ability and so much more — including legos and which Journey song he’d rock out to at karaoke.

So without further ado, here is our interview with Cameron:

Part 1: the Eclipse premiere, his favorite part about watching the movie, and his favorite scene to film:

Part 2: Twilight fans vs. X-Men fans, and his favorite part of being involved with the Twilight Saga fandom:

Part 3: Fan questions! We talk about Alec’s special ability in Breaking Dawn, Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, and the cast member he’s closest with:

Part 4: What does Cameron like to read?

Part 5: Flash questions!

And in case you missed it, here is Cameron’s shout-out to