30 Days of Eclipse Downloadable Goodies

30 Days of Eclipse has begun here at Novel Novice Twilight, and to help curb the voracious appetite of Twilight fans everywhere, we will be offering a fantastic assortment of downloads every Tuesday and Thursday.

Today’s goodies include two desktop wallpapers: the Cullen family, plus their almost-newest member Bella – and one that is appropriately titled “Rivals”, which uses screenshots of the infamous Angry Edward clip that first aired on Oprah.

The wallpapers are available in both standard (1024×768) and widescreen (1680×1050). Just click on one to enlarge it, then right-click – or control-click for my fellow Mac users – to save.

Also for your enjoyment… a handful of icons created from a few of my favorite images from the various movie clips and trailers. Just right-click or control-click to save.

Yes, I am unabashedly Team Edward. But don’t worry, I’ll change it up a bit over the next few weeks. I would love to hear your ideas about what you’d like to see, so click on that little ‘leave a comment’ link and let me know!


9 Responses

  1. I love love love the Jacob/Edward wallpaper. It’s incredible. And the quotes are definitely a perfect fit. ❤

  2. Team Edward all the way! He loves Bella more than Jacob – Jacob MADE Bella kiss him. That’s just wrong!

    • haha. No comment. Only because I’m Team Jacob all the way. And I don’t wanna start any fan arguments. lol. But, I like the thought that Bella can have Edward…. I’ll take Jacob. ^_^

      • Thanks for not verbally assaulting me – I respect other people’s opinions and it drives me nuts when people get all defensive about their teams. Anyway, Jacob… has a soulmate. I’m not going to ruin anything, but supposedly it’s in the last book.

      • Haha, I would never verbally assault. And yes… I refuse to acknowledge the ending of the 4th book as far as Jacob is concerned… I’d definitely prefer to be his soulmate. 🙂

  3. the cullen family is awesome!! made that one my wallpaper!!

  4. i love my new background now 🙂 with jacob and edward 🙂 they are both my favorite im on both of their sides 🙂

  5. Could you maybe make a wallpaper involving Victoria and/or the newborns? And Bree, maybe? Just wondering, since you wanted suggestions.

    • Excellent suggestion, and a wallpaper featuring the ‘villains’ of Eclipse is on the radar. That should be in next week’s downloads post.

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