Bree Tanner, Eclipse score & new desktop wallpapers!

*Following the release of the Eclipse “Introducing Bree Tanner” featurette, USA Today has an interview with Stephenie Meyer about The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, in stores this Saturday:

Q: Bree only appears in a couple pages of Eclipse. What was it about the character that made you want to explore her story further?

A: In the beginning, I wasn’t fascinated specifically by Bree — it was the newborns in general. While I was writing Eclipse, there was a lot going on behind the scenes, of course, things Bella didn’t know about. Because I was focused on Bella, I couldn’t delve too deeply into the newborns’ story, however, there was always in my mind a general idea of what they were up to. I had to think about that while I was pacing the plot: Bella is at this point, the newborns are doing this. To keep it all straight, eventually I made a calendar of the months of May and June — which is all Eclipse deals with — and wrote down on each square what was going on with Bella that day and what was happening in Seattle. So the story of the newborns was always a big part of the story of Eclipse. And it made me kind of sad that there was no way to express any of that in the book.

Bree is the only newborn mentioned by name in Eclipse, the only newborn who has contact with the Cullens (aside from being killed by them), and the only newborn who encounters the Volturi in the clearing. She lives the longest, so she is the narrator who can tell the full story. She was a natural choice to chronicle the story of the newborns. Once I started writing from her perspective, she really came alive. So much so that, as the inevitable end got closer, it was really depressing going ahead. It was harder for me to kill Bree than any other fiction character I’ve ever killed, even though I was killing her for the second time. (Before Bree, the saddest was Walter in The Host.)

See the rest at USA Today.

* The tracklist for the Eclipse Motion Picture Score has been released:

1. Riley
2. Compromise/Bella’s Theme
3. Bella’s Truck/Florida
4. Vic­to­ria
5. Imprint­ing
6. The Cul­lens Plan
7. First Kiss
8. Ros­alie
9. Deci­sions, Deci­sions…
10. They’re Com­ing Here
11. Jacob Black
12. Jasper
13. Wolf Scent
14. Moun­tain Peak
15. The Kiss
16. The Battle/Victoria vs. Edward
17. Jane
18. As Easy As Breath­ing
19. Wed­ding Plans

* Speaking of the Eclipse Score, the  Soundtracks Examiner has an interview with composer Howard Shore and a track-by-track review of the Eclipse Score.

* Edward’s Meadow is hosting weekly Eclipse CafePress giveaways!

* Just a couple days left to vote for New Moon and various Twilight Saga actors in the MTV Movie Awards (airing Sunday on MTV).

* And our friends at Twilighters Anonymous have a cool new Eclipse desktop wallpaper:

Check out our Eclipse wallpapers at our sister site Novel Novice, and check out our Twilight Saga wallpaper collection here for even more — plus check out our wallpapers from 30 Days of Eclipse (new ones coming today, too!)


2 Responses

  1. edward is the cutest one but jocob is cute too i need girl opinion who should i vote for did i mension bella is my sister and edward and jacob are my friends i also know selena gomas

  2. just saw eclipse today and it was awesome, the effects were beautiful, i couldn”t take my eyes away from it, it just made me feel like i was in the movie. please don”t stop makeing the movies, my husband and i have the first 2 dvd movies, new moon and twilight, as soon as this one comes out on dvd we are getting this one to besides the books and novel books. we love your movies and are very excited about them. respectfully, joann

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