30 Days of Eclipse: Friday Fan Fiction Picks

Each Friday during the 30 Days of Eclipse, we will be featuring some Fan Fiction stories that happen during the timeline of Eclipse.

For the first group of Fan Fiction Picks, I’d like to feature some of the runners up from our Eclipse Fan Fiction Challenge.  Each of these stories is written from a character other than Bella or Edward.

First of an Army by Cas2986 is the story of Riley’s transformation.

I saw her out of the corner of my eye as she moved silently into the bar.  I had seen her there the night before while I was shooting pool with my frat brothers and I couldn’t get over how strikingly beautiful she was.  I know it may sound odd, but I have always found myself drawn to red-heads and the fiery orange/red of her hair had made me keep my eyes on her the whole time she was in the bar.

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The Sex Talk by Jennmc75 is Charlie’s point-of-view of his “sex talk” with Bella in Chapter 2.  Quite giggle-worthy.

I sat in my chair staring at the television but not paying attention to the show. I was still upset over the fight I’d just had with Bella. I hadn’t been upset at the thought of her visiting her mother in Florida. I was upset because that boy wanted to go with her. Bella didn’t have a good track record when it came to leaving the state with or because of him. The first time she ended up falling through a window in Phoenix. The second time she disappeared for three days to Los Angeles, and I still have no details from that trip.

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A Look in the Mirror by TwilightFreak#1 is Leah’s point-of-view of her talk with Jake in the Epilogue.


Jacob didn’t answer; he only stared blankly into the distance, unwilling to acknowledge my presence. I fought the instinct to just give up and walk away.

“I’ll wait as long as I have to, Jacob,” I said. I wasn’t really sure if I meant it, but hopefully he would believe me. “I’m not going anywhere. Take your time.”

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Be sure to check out everything from 30 Days of Eclipse and next Friday’s Fan Fiction Picks!

Have you read a fan fiction story that you think should be featured during our 30 Days of Eclipse? Email me at christie.novelnovice@gmail.com.


5 Responses

  1. My story’s a runner-up. Pretty cool! 🙂

    Congratulations to the other near-winners of the contest.

    • Ditto! Congrats to you as well!

      • @cas2986, are you the same person on this site as Cassie/Cassandra? She was going to write a story about Riley’s transformation and now I’m confused as to whether or not you are the same person. I know I sound dumb, but please clarify this for me.

      • Yep that’s me! Right after the end of that fanfic challenge I became part of the NNT staff, so it’s just easier for me to post under my screenname. Sorry for the confusion!

      • No problem. Extra congrats at finishing your story just before the deadline! That’s not easy to do! 😀

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