Eclipse Merchandise Now Available!

Is your closet full of Twilight and New Moon t-shirts, hoodies and pajamas?  Do you have Edward’s face on your pillows, blankets and umbrellas?  If so, then you probably purchased some or all of your goodies at Hot Topic.  And today we have good news!

Hot Topic has just updated their website with brand new Eclipse merchandise!  They’ve got shirts, water bottles, jewelry, and so much more!  And for all off you who are Team Switzerland like me, they’ve even got a really awesome Team Switzerland shirt available for the first time!  You can check out all of the awesome merch at their website here to prepare yourself for the release in just a few short weeks!

And if Hot Topic doesn’t have what you’re looking for (although how could they not?  They have EVERYTHING)  you can cruise on over to for even more Eclipse goodies (including life-size cut-outs of your favorite characters!)  They have some really cool t-shirts and tank tops, as well as a ton of Twilight inspired make-up.

Nordstrom is even going to be hosting cast appearances at select locations June 25th, 26th, and 27th.  They haven’t released actors names yet, but word is they’ll have 200 fans at each location for the appearances.  Go here to read Twilight Examiner’s full article.  Or you can go here to see if there’s a location in your area hosting a cast appearance and sign up to be there!

For the comments: What are YOU going to be wearing to the premiere?


3 Responses

  1. How come I can only find 6 things in the “Twilight-saga section” on One t-shirt, two bracelets, two button-sets and one hoodie? U say they have “EVERYTHING” ??? :/

  2. You have to look up Eclipse or maybe just Twilight but trust me they do have alot of stuff. It has been on preorder for a couple weeks but today is officaily out! At ToysRUs too! Though toyrus has no tshirts. I have been searching for merchandise everyday and here is what I know HOT TOPIC, TOYSRUS, Cafe Press, and if you are looking for the coolest jewerly they have some really cool stuff and its handmade. I have a necklace and a couple bracelets and a keyring on order from there.

  3. Oh yeah and of amazon has a few things and ebay has some unoffical but cool tshirts and stuff!!
    GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE LOVE YOU ROB!!!!

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