Share your thoughts on the new Bree Tanner novella

It is here! The new Twilight Saga book from Stephenie Meyer: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella is now in stores everywhere.

When you’ve finished reading the book, we invite you to stop by and share your thoughts on Bree’s story in the comments below.

Amanda Bell, the Twilight Examiner, even stayed up ALL NIGHT to finish reading it, and has posted a couple articles:

* Amanda’s Bree Tanner Review (spoiler-free)

* Article: Did some of the new ‘Bree Tanner’ characters make the cut for ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’? (spoilers)

You can bet some of the NNT staff will probably be posting their thoughts, reviews, etc. on Bree Tanner in the coming days, too. We might even be popping up with some Bree Tanner desktop wallpapers — so keep your eye out for those!

For the comments: Tell us your thoughts on The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner!


18 Responses

  1. So.. I haven’t read much yet, but I like it so far. I like books with a little angst and I think this will be one. I also really liked Stephenie’s introduction. I thought it explained very well the reason she went through with publishing it. I don’t know if I’ll have pity for Bree watching The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, or while reading this book, but maybe it’ll change my mind. I’ll post more when I finish reading it later this weekend. Or tonight, depends on how good it is. 😛

  2. still waiting on mine. What’s the point of pre-ordering if you don’t get your items on that day? 😦

  3. It was amazing!!! Im so glad she wrote it!!! Its great to see a different perspective of the events in Eclipse 🙂

    Stephenie Meyer… Job well done

  4. I loved it ! I’ll be honest I was one of those fans complaining about Midnight Sun and wanting this and that and not wanting to read this but I WAS WRONG IT WAS A GREAT STORY and I did tear up for Bree at the end.
    Stephenie did an amazing job with this character and her story.

  5. I really enjoyed getting a chance to “meet” Bree and the other newborns before the movie.

  6. So I just finished … and, don’t hate me, but I didn’t really think much of it. Kind of “meh.” There were a few interesting parts, but for the most part, I thought it was kind of slow and just dragged. (Sort of like most of “Breaking Dawn,” which was ridiculously weighted down by excess baggage.)

    I did, however, find the last sentence a quite lovely way to wrap up the story — since we all know what happens.

  7. I read it in 5 hours. It was okay, borderlining on good. I was so excited to read it that maybe my hopes were too high.


    It didn’t really tell me much I didn’t already know (although it did clear up how Edward knew the Volturi were there prior to the fight). I was hoping for Bree to have more of an interesting and not so overused background (teen runaway from an abusive home…snore…how many times has that been done?) I think it would have been more interesting if she had been one of the students or “family people” that you read about as victims in the Seattle newspaper in Eclipse. I liked the Diego love story but come on, I knew he was dead 50 pages before Bree did. (It was like knowing Bella was pregnant in BD all over again. Stephenie should give her characters a little more credit.) Fred was creepy and felt like nothing more than a device to keep Bree safe from the other newborns. All this being said, I was a little sad at the end and wished (as with Eclipse) that she could have lived, but I would have liked to have felt more emotion, maybe even cried.

    It also felt like it was purposefully edited to show it was never meant to be published – a little choppy and rough. I like my books polished.

  8. I just finished and I lived it!!! It was amazing really meet Bree and other newborns. Her perspective is totally different and now I see why Stephenie wants us to read the book before see the movie. I surprised myself wishing that she and Diego could have lived..

  9. So I just finished… I didn’t hate it. I would have rather been reading a finished, published, and pretty copy of Midnigh Sun. BUT… I think the book will make The Twilight Saga: Eclipse better.

    Before I read the book I was constantly wondering about stuff I’ve seen so far in Eclipse. Like the newborns walking out of the water **Lots of water in BREE TANNER**, and why Riley is so prominent **He is EVERYTHING for the newborns**.

    I really think David Slade did a good job of putting stuff from BREE TANNER into the movie (from what I’ve seen). I don’t think that BREE TANNER is absolutely amazing, but it did answer a lot of questions. Now, can we please get a Jasper novella?!

  10. love it
    i love bree !
    always have ! too bad shes dead at the ending of eclipse and tsslobt!!

  11. I got my copy on Saturday afternoon and had it finished that night! I think its great =] gives you that extra bit of closure from the Newborns & I really want to know what happens or happened to Fred!

    Reading from Bree’s perspective I enjoyed too! You could feel her pain and her determination on surving and I was sad to hear of Diego but yeah =[

    A great read & I recommend it to all Twilight Fans, add it to the collection as well as Wuthering Heights!


  12. Spoiler alert!

    It made you feel for Bree more than you usually do in Eclipse, Stephenie made her seem like a person to us, and we got a glimpse into a regular newborn’s mind. I definetly felt sorry for both Bree and Diego, Riley definetly deserved to die. Killing Diego then going and lieing to bree was so messed up. though I believe the words that riley said came from Diego really did come from him.

  13. I finally got to read Bree. I’m pretty torn on it.

    I was very excited to see a firsthand account from a “real” brand-new vampire. To see how transformation goes from someone who doesn’t know what to expect, who doesn’t have the overwhelming need to keep her vampire husband from suffering. To see how a newborn vampire feels upon awaking, unable to control anything.

    I was also excited to see a firsthand account of the newborn/Cullen battle. What exactly did Stephenie plan to happen there? How will it compare to the movie?

    So I was VERY disappointed that we got to see neither of them. Bree’s already 3 months old as a vampire when we begin, and although she’s still a newborn, she is, as Riley says, “tamer” than most. So she’s still not a “regular” newborn. She’s very different than the other newborns she lives with. She’s still ruled by instincts more than Bella is as a newborn, but not to the same extent as the others.

    The ending was a huge let down. By the time she got there the battle was already over? And then Jasper covered her eyes and ears from anything still happening? (I understand he was protecting the wolves, but…)

    I did like seeing the Cullens from an outside perspective. That was neat. I love me a bad-ass Jasper. (I love you, Jackson, but you’re just not buff enough to be Jasper in my mind.) I like how Bree filled Edward in on all the behind-the-scenes stuff. (would have like Edward to have told the Cullens about it in Eclipse, after the fact. Maybe he did, only outside of Bella’s hearing range?)

    As I was reading it, it was interesting enough to keep me turning pages, but by the end, I guess my overwhelming reaction is disappointment. I was really looking at this book as kind of an insight into canon newborn vampires and canon vampire/werewolf fighting. It could have been a goldmine for fan fiction writers. Instead, it completely skipped the good parts. 😦

  14. A good book – I devoured it! However, I would have liked to see Bree’s transformation and her reaction to the fighting and wolves (yeah, I agree with you Addicted2Edward). However, good book. I enjoyed seeing the world through a newborn’s eyes, and it cleared up alot about the army. 🙂

  15. I didn’t mind the book; I even kind of liked it. My main complaint is that I want to follow-up on Fred. He is really unveiled as an important person in the last fifth of the book and could have been developed more. He was my favorite – mysteriously scary but truly worthy of her trust/companionship. What happened to him? Does he ever learn? I am kind of hoping that she left this open so that she can fill in the blanks later.

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