Twilight Saga at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards – Master Post

We’ll be updating this post all night long with the latest Twilight Saga-related headlines, photos & videos from the 2010 MTV Movie Awards! Check back often for the latest.

Twilight Saga Awards:

Best Female Performance – Kristen Stewart, New Moon

Best Breakout Star – Anna Kendrick, Up in the Air

Best Kiss – Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart, New Moon

Best Male Performance – Robert Pattinson, New Moon

Global Superstar – Robert Pattinson

Best Movie – The Twilight Saga: New Moon



MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Photos: (click on thumbnails to view full-size)

MTV Movie Awards Show Photos: (click on thumbnails to view full-size)


NNT Staff Sound off the Eclipse Clip:

So it seems the Eclipse clip that debuted during the 2010 MTV Movie Awards is getting some mixed reaction from fans. Here’s what two NNT staffers said via Twitter:

Tiftruitt not feeling the eclipse clip….got a lot more excited about new moon and that was my least fav book

clumzbella OK, done over on @NovelNoviceTwi. I can stop with the “!!!” Thought the parking lot clip veered from book waaay too much but Taylor rocked.

Bella would never take off like that! And she panics when she finds out about Victoria, hence the deception by Edward.

But personally, I (Sara) thought it rocked. Eclipse is my favorite book, and while I recognize there are a lot of changes in the scene from the book, I think it works. I thought the mood and tension was exactly right, and the scene did a nice job of condensing/combining moments effectively — which is a necessity when adapting a 600+ page book into a two hour movie.

So what did you think of the Eclipse clip? Tell us in the comments!

9:45pm Kristen and Rob are going to win of course. But will they actually kiss on stage this year?!?!!?

9:47pm Gah! The cable is messing up here! It keeps freezing! This looks really awkward though. And once again, no kiss. Bye bye Kristen and Rob. We’ll see you when you intro the “Eclipse” clip.


16 Responses

  1. OMG, Kristen Stewart, worst speech EVER! There’s nervous, but then there’s NERRRRRRVOUS!

  2. So happy for Anna Kendrick! She’s AMAZING. She was incredible in Up In The Air!!

  3. I see a wallpaper coming out of Bad-Ass Cops!

  4. OMG!! I am still totally shocked by the Eclipse slip! Thats NOT supposed to happen AT ALL!

  5. I’m kind of upset that she took off with him like that too. I understand why it veered off from the book… I just think SM did a better job with that scene. *shrug* Still very excited about the movie coming out… but bracing myself for some of my favorite scenes of the series being different than I expected them to be.

  6. The scene kinda upset me. I agree with the ones who think that Bella would never take off like that. Not in that situation…. i think it’s very out of character… and i really hope that’s gonna be the only scene that veered off that much. I don’t mind them changing some things but they should keep the characters and they actions genuine.
    btw, eclipse is sooo my fav book. I hope the movie will be too :)))))

  7. […] Saga definitely reigned supreme last night at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards (just check out our master post at Novel Novice Twilight for the full scoop). New Moon and its actors won in six […]

  8. My thoughts on the clip…

    I understand adapting a book means changes. I’m fine with that. But changing the *character* is entirely different. There is NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY that Edward would allow Bella to get on the motorcycle with Jake at that point in the story. (I guess if it’s reworked to after the point that Edward is OK with Bella visiting Jake, maybe it works. But based on Edward’s dialogue, I’m guessing it’s earlier.)

    Edward would risk exposing himself as a non-human before allowing Bella to put (as he considered it) herself into danger.

    Also I kind of wished they kept the “Jake shows Edward Sam’s memories of Bella” part. Not that I like torturing Edward, but I think it’s telling of both their characters: Jake’s hatred of Edward and Edward’s anger at himself for doing that to Bella.

    • Hopefully they have Jacob showing Edward Sam’s memories somewhere in the movie. And I hadn’t even been thinking about Edward. You’re totally right, there is NO WAY he would let Bella go off like that. I hope the rest of movie is a little more in character.

      • Yeah, I’m wondering if they didn’t edit out some scenes (remember when they released the first wolf scene for New Moon and everyone was upset because it didn’t happen like that? Turns out they spliced.) I’m hoping the same thing is true for this scene. I mean, it doesn’t even make sense. Jacob doesn’t even ask her to come with him so … why does she hop on the bike? I’m *trying* to reserve judgment until I see the finished product.

    • What the heck?!!!! What is up with that scene?!!! WRONG! No offense to Summit, but what happened to the “Jacob tortures Edward” part and why does Edward just let Bella run off on a motorcycle with Jake? ALL WRONG! NOT IN CHARACTER! ME ANGRY! 😦

  9. Oh my goodness, this is not correct. It doesn’t happen this way in Eclipse novel. It changes everything, *******! Bella is never so arrogant and see how Rob is responding to Taylor. Edward doesn’t do that. They also changed that “I kissed Bella” scene. In the novel Bella is furious with Jacob and Edward doesn’t lose his temper at all. They are showing too different in Eclipse. Bella is asking Edward not to blame Jacob???? What the hell! Melissa Rosenberg is spoiling everything regarding Twilight.

  10. The problem I have with this scene is not so much the meshing of different moments from the book, it’s the complete mischaracterization of B&E’s relationship. Jacob is as annoying as he should be in this . But this scene plays out the way a non E&B person would WANT the book to play out with Bella ‘dissing’ Edward to his face so that she can run off to be with Jacob. The problem is, that simply isn’t anything that book Bella would do. Some people may have wanted Bella to respond that way to Edward at some point in the series, but it never happened. Why? Because that’s not her character. Changing something as fundamentally basic as this only undermines the connection between Bella and Edward that many of us have come to love.
    Only emergency circumtances can push bella and edward apart like Edward has to leave her and go hunting Well she tricks Alice and goes with Jacob in the book which is ok.
    Hope summit surprises us and this scene is changed in the final movie we all fans should prey its not a minor mistake it totally effects edward and bellas relationship.

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