Eclipse Soundtrack, new Volvo image & more Twi-News

* The Eclipse Soundtrack is now in stores everywhere, and available for instant download online. Have you gotten yours yet?

* USA Today also has an excellent review of the Eclipse Soundtrack

* In case you missed it, you can now read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer for free online – through July 5th

* Volvo has released this new still image of Bella & Edward with the Volvo (it appears to be the same car that was used in New Moon):

Okay, quick commentary: as much as this Volvo contradicts the one mentioned in the books, it does make more sense to me. Okay, sure, it’s not a “hot guy car” like the S60 … but it is practical for life in the Pacific Northwest, and a vampire who may go off-roading in search of good hunting grounds. So there’s my two cents.

* And there are an assortment of new headlines from MTV post-Awards Show:

* Access Hollywood also has an assortment of interviews with Twilight Saga cast members from the MTV Movie Awards

* Reelz Channel has a new interview with Jodelle Ferland and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg


4 Responses

  1. omg i love the volvo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait we got tickets for 12:02 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I forget where, but somewhere Chris Weitz explained the reason for the car change. I believe it was something like the model that was used in Twilight wasn’t available any more, and none of the new Volvo models came in the silver color, and I think Volvo donated the vehicle to them or something but they had to pick a new model. So they picked what they thought would be best given their choices. It’s *supposedly* a dark gray and not black, but it certainly looks black on film/in pictures.

    Remember when we got the first shots from the set of Eclipse and everyone freaked out because Edward’s car was black? Summit’s response was “it’s the same car used in New Moon.”

    It kind of bothered me at first (because the silver volvo stands out in the books) but after hearing the explanation, I feel better, because it wasn’t like they just decided to upgrade and change the color for no reason. They wanted to keep it silver, but couldn’t. Of course, they could have NOT taken the donation from Volvo, but…

    And it can be explained away easily in canon…the Cullens are so darned rich, they can all buy new cars every year. In cash. LOL

    • I don’t think it was a “donation,” per se … more of a marketing cross-promotion, which helps pay for part of the movie and then Volvo gets its car of choice in the movie. It’s an understandable part of the business, if you ask me — and it’s not like they went and cut a deal with Chrysler or anything. It’s still, at least, a Volvo.

      • Yeah. I couldn’t remember exactly what wording was used, but it was a deal between Volvo and Summit. A bit of a sell-out maybe, but if it saves them some budget for better special effects…. or they could have used that money in costume and hair, where apparently it was really needed! LOL

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