New Eclipse clip featuring Bella & the Cullens!

Check out this DELIGHTFUL new clip from Eclipse featuring Bella & the Cullens, with in introduction from Robert Pattinson:

For the comments: Your thoughts?


7 Responses

  1. This clip gives me chills … CHILLS I tell you! Especially at the end, when Edward gets all protective & jealous … oooh …

  2. wish this had been the MMA clip instead of the other one. loved it!

    I was wondering why all the Cullens had such dark eyes – glad it was explained.

  3. I liked it a lot. Definitely is making me excited for the movie!!

  4. Oh, yeah – cue the chills. *brr*

    This REALLY should have been the clip shown at the MTV Awards; it’s fantastic!!

    And can I just say, I’m really excited and happy that David Slade is attentive enough to details like the Cullens’ eyes darkening because they need to hunt. It makes me wonder what else is included in the movie that may otherwise have gotten overlooked…

  5. LOVED the look on Edward’s face at the end. 😉

  6. Awesome!! Can’t wait for Eclipse!

  7. this looks better and better

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