30 Days of Eclipse: Alternative Universe Fan Fiction

It’s Friday and time for another round of Fan Fiction stories about Eclipse. This week’s stories are Alternative Universe, which means they ask the question “What if…” and change the story.

In Atlas Shrugged, author Jeesiechreesie wonders what would happen if Edward interpreted Bella and Jacobs’s kiss as a betrayal, as Bella choosing Jacob instead?  (Note: starts out very dark and angsty.)

It was inevitable that he would know.

He would have heard two hearts beating deliriously; two lungs grasping for breathe.; two burning bodies in the frozen forest. One mind would have been glorifying in victory, in ecstasy; broadcasting, “Finally,” for the one he knew was listening.

Yet for all this knowledge, he would only hear silence in the one that mattered. He wouldn’t know that when I asked the boy to kiss me, that I didn’t really want it. He couldn’t know my desperation to save the wolf from his pain and rashness. He didn’t know that when I pulled back from his violent response that I had given up. I had already gone above and beyond to prevent his death; he couldn’t possible demand more of me.

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Drastic Measures by blondie explores the idea of Bella needing immediate and emergency “vampirization” as a result of the battle between Victoria, Riley, Edward, and Seth.

Unable to make myself move, my eyes followed the orange flash of Victoria’s head as it rolled into the forest. A new cracking sound freed the muscles in my neck, and I turned to see Edward calmly dismembering the rest of Victoria’s body. What he was doing barely registered in my mind because I was studying him, looking for flaws in his perfect form. His motions were swift and graceful as he collected the pieces of what had once been Victoria and piled them in the center of the clearing. I couldn’t see any distortion in his frame; his clothes were perfect and barely a hair was out of place.

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Be sure to check out everything from 30 Days of Eclipse and next Friday’s Fan Fiction Picks!

Have you read a fan fiction story that you think should be featured during our 30 Days of Eclipse? Email me at christie.novelnovice@gmail.com.


3 Responses

  1. Christie, I must confess. I’m a sucker for AU. These were totally awesome!

    • Wish I could have found more. New Moon was FULL of AU…Eclipse, not so much

      • Not to mention finding stories that fit our “all ages” friendly ratings … THAT’S a challenge! 🙂

        I should ask for some of your … ahem … non-NNT audience friendly recommendations sometime. 😉

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