Another new Eclipse scene: “Doesn’t he own a shirt?”

This is all sorts of awesome:

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10 Responses

  1. finally an eclipse scene I love!!

  2. I loved the part where they finish kissing and Bella goes, “Well, maybe rush a little bit.” 😉

  3. *sigh* I love it when Edward gets all possessive… He totally swooped in and laid one on Bella because of what he heard in Jacob’s thoughts.

    And I loved it when she said, “Well, maybe rush a little bit.”

    Is it June 30 yet?

  4. hahaha. I ❤ the love triangle. It makes me happy.

  5. Oh, how I love possessive Edward. And those kisses…is it hot in here for anyone else?

  6. I had sworn off any more Eclipse scenes, but when I heard this one had kissing, well…. 🙂

    Seriously, Bella, how do you walk away from THAT? LOL

  7. aaaaaah!! NO words!! that was awesome can´t wait!!!

  8. oh s***! that was hot!
    both the kiss and taylor’s body

  9. would anyone have seriously left edwards open arms 2 go 2 the dog? x serious answers plz x

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