30 Days of Eclipse: Edward & Bella & Jacob Downloads

For today’s batch of downloads for 30 Days of Eclipse, I bring you some romantically-themed Edward & Bella desktop wallpapers. Yes, there’s even one featuring the leg hitch! The Edward theme also fits with the 30 Days of Edward, going on over at Edward-Cullen.net right now! Oh, but wait Team Jacob fans … yes, keep scrolling and you’ll find some bonus wallpapers sure to tickle your fancy by our very own Cassie. Yes, we did not forget about you either.

Click to view each wallpaper, then right-click to save:

BONUS: Our staff member Cassie also made a couple sweet wallpapers featuring Bella & Jacob, for all you Team Jacob fans:

For the comments: What is your favorite romantic moment from Eclipse?


5 Responses

  1. Oh, wow. Spelling fail. I just realized I spelled “Will” wrong in my third wallpaper. Ugh. Okay, fixing & re-uploading as soon as I get home from work … in, like, 7 hours.

  2. Who doesn’t love the leg hitch? Isn’t it like… every woman’s dream? That is probably my favorite Edward/Bella scene in the whole series.

  3. […] today’s post, we have some AWESOME wallpapers from our friends over at Novel Novice Twilight! They made the wallpapers for their 30 Days of Eclipse event! Have we mentioned how awesome Novel […]

  4. These are amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent w/the rest of us.

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