Early Eclipse reactions & loads more Twi-News!

* Some lucky fans got to see Eclipse last night at a fan screening in Los Angeles, and the Lex has compiled some of their reactions.

For what it’s worth … most fans are saying this is the best movie of the three. But my friend/professional movie critic — who does not actually like the Twilight movies, recently saw a press screening of Eclipse and he ALSO said it was the best of the three. So fans & non-fans seem to agree: Eclipse is the best movie yet!

* Reelz Channel has a new interview with Robert Pattinson, who goes in-depth about Edward in Eclipse. It might even make Team Jacob fans question their loyalties (or so says Reelz Channel)!

* Over at “Entertainment Tonight,” Taylor Lautner talks about keeping his home life steady despite the Twilight craze … also, ET takes a look at Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz on the covers of Women’s & Men’s Health Magazines

* “Access Hollywood” has behind the scenes video of Taylor Lautner at his GQ Magazine shoot. Plus check out the cover to your right.

* Also from AH, Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner talk about meeting Les Grossman — aka Tom Cruise — for their MTV Movie Awards promo shoots

* AH also has coverage of the “trio” — Rob, Taylor & Kristen — at the Los Angeles Eclipse Convention

* Robert Pattinson tells MTV about how he was more comfortable with the action scenes in Eclipse than in the earlier Twilight movies; Rob also talks about getting naked for scenes in Bel Ami … and then he talks about his “dumb” idea for the MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss acceptance

* Rob explains the “sexiness” of Twilight on Nightline

* Taylor Lautner tells MTV he only goes shirtless when there’s “a reason” for it

* Several Twilight Saga actors will be taking part in the “Be the Shift” event tonight in Los Angeles. Our friends at Twilighters Anonymous will have tons of coverage.

* Our friends over at Open Book Society have a new New Moon quiz, plus they are giving away a copy of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner


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