30 Days of Eclipse: Scenes in Edward’s Words

It’s Friday again, and that means another round of Eclipse Fan Fic Picks!  In week 1, we looked at alternate point-of-views from various scenes.  Week 2 featured alternative universe stories, or “What if?” stories as I like to call them.

Now, in week 3, I have some more alternate point-of-view scenes to share with you: all from Edward’s perspective.

Spontaneous Combustion by blondie is Edward’s POV of Eclipse Chapter 8, Temper, written in four parts.  This is the chapter that Edward returns from hunting after Alice has “kidnapped” Bella for a sleepover.

The door closed quietly behind me as I entered my darkened bedroom. I was holding my breath – still afraid that Bella wouldn’t be here. The sound of her heartbeat had greeted me as we pulled up to the house, so it was ludicrous that I should still be so fearful. And yet it wasn’t until my eyes fell on her lovely outline, huddled stubbornly on the couch, that I could relax. She was safe.

Slowly I took a breath, letting her scent fill me. My throat flared at her sweet enticement, but with hardly a thought I pushed the feeling aside. My thirst for her blood was overshadowed by other longings now, which forced me to exert a new, unfamiliar control over myself.

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Seduction by blondie is Edward’s POV of Eclipse Chapter 20, Compromise.  In this chapter, Bella attempts to seduce Edward and ends up engaged instead, much to her horror.

Bella turned on to the driveway slowly.  She glanced over at me and smiled – proud she didn’t miss it, I guessed.  Her head turned back to the windshield, but my eyes didn’t stray from her.

We hadn’t talked at all on the ride from her house; Bella was concentrating hard on driving – and on something else, though there was no way for me to tell what it was.  This night was for us, just us, and at first I was worried that she was still thinking about the upcoming battle.  But as she stole glances at me her face would pink ever so slightly, and her heart would flutter.  No, she wasn’t dwelling on her fears.

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The Perfect Fit by Geographee also covers Chapter 20, Compromise, but includes a little history about the ring Edward gives to Bella.

It’s beautiful! She glanced at me curiously, apprehension shadowing her expressive eyes.

Her thoughts made me smile. She liked it; that would make getting her to accept it much easier. Glancing at the ring held between my thumb and forefinger, I grinned. It was indeed beautiful. The delicate, narrow band of gold created a thin web around the slanting rows of glittering stones set on a long oval face.

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Resistance by Cocoa is Edward’s POV of Chapter 27, Needs.  Edward and Bella are in the meadow, discussing their future.

I ran through the woods, happy to be alone with her, happy to have her all to myself now. This was the beginning of a new life for us. But there was something in the back of my thoughts that kept resurfacing – an undeniable feeling that something was off. I should be overjoyed; she had chosen me and I was happy, dumbfounded, and grateful, but the nagging feeling would not go away.

We broke through the trees and into our meadow. A light breeze danced across the yellow and white daisies. Bella slid from my back and walked silently to the center of the clearing, absorbed in some private thoughts. I watched her, an angel in motion, as she lay down on the grass with her hair fanned out behind her. My god, she is beautiful. The distance between us was gone in an instant, as I lay down beside her in the damp grass of our private place. Her breathing was slow and relaxed, her eyes searching the sky. What was she thinking?

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Choices by AStarDanced77 is one of the runners-up from our Eclipse Fan Fiction challenge last month.  It covers chapter 14, Declaration, and 15, Wager , beginning Edward drops off Bella for a visit to Jake and ending after she returns with a broken hand.

I turned the car around and drove away. I had to get away from the sound of Jacob shouting his love to the woman I could not live without before I flagrantly violated the treaty I had helped create.  I felt as if I was being torn in two – half of me needing to flee and the other desperately wanting to run back and snatch Bella from him. I gripped the steering wheel tightly – my knuckles white with the strain – and tried to concentrate on the road.

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Be sure to check out everything from 30 Days of Eclipse and next Friday’s Fan Fiction Picks!

Have you read a fan fiction story that you think should be featured during our 30 Days of Eclipse? Email me at christie.novelnovice@gmail.com.


4 Responses

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading things from Edward’s perspective. I have read several of these so far, and I think they are awesome. The authors really understand Edward (much more so than the screenplays for the films do), and they are to be commended for such excellent work!! I never thought I’d get the joy of reading some of my favorite parts of my favorite book (Eclipse) in the manner of Midnight Sun…thank you so much for this!!!!!

    • I agree with you about the fanfic authors understanding Edward better than the screenwriter. I don’t understand why Edward’s character/dialogue has been so butchered in the movies!?

      Stay tuned for next Friday’s Fan Fic picks — I think you will enjoy them as well! 😉

      • Just ran across them…and I’m already all tingly!!! I have tried very hard to be fair to the screenwriter, especially because I don’t think that I could do what she is charged with doing (condensing a novel to a particular length of film time). However, I can’t disregard my disappointment with angry Edward in the clip we’ve seen for Eclipse, with the lack of a decent meadow scene in Twilight, and with the complete adulteration of the last third of the New Moon book (condensed to about 10 minutes in the film, and stripped of so much of the emotional beauty). Luckily, no one can ever take the books away from me and the beautiful way in which they were written. Thanks again for posting these Edward POV writings.

  2. i love this very much cause i love to read 4om edward poc.thanks soo much…..

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