Extended Eclipse clip, new footage & new TV spot “Legend”

iVillage has a new/extended clip from Eclipse featuring Bella & Edward. It’s longer than the original version of this clip that we’ve seen, so be sure to check it out. Click the image below to view the clip:

Also, PopSugar has released a new TV spot for Eclipse called “Legend.” Initially, it features much of the same footage we’ve already seen — but towards the end, we get some great new action shots featuring Edward, Jacob, Victoria & more.

Oh, and check out this new footage from E! news:

2 Responses

  1. Angry fighting Edward is so hot! The graphics and fight scenes in Eclipse look so very well done that I think it will broaden the fan base of Twilight.

  2. Oh, swoon… That clip is so dreamy. “You’ll always be my Bella.” *sigh*

    Seriously, there’s NO competing with that in my mind. Now excuse me, I need to pull myself together since I’m melted into a puddle on the floor… 😉

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