A new Eclipse image & more Twi-News headlines

* First things first, Summit has released this delightful new image from Eclipse featuring Bella & Edward:

* The Eclipse premiere is taking place this Thursday, June 24th in Los Angeles. But don’t worry if you can’t make it. Several outlets will be offering livestreams: MTV, MySpace, E! Online and Entertainment Tonight have all confirmed they will be live streaming the premiere.

* Reelz Channel has a new Twilight Tidbit featuring Tyson Houseman!

* From MTV: Taylor Lautner Recalls Lugging Kristen Stewart Around For ‘Eclipse’

* From MTV: Taylor Lautner Calls ‘Eclipse’ The Most ‘Guy-Friendly’ ‘Twilight’ Film

* From MTV: Kristen Stewart ‘Excited’ About ‘Breaking Dawn’ Being Two Movies

* ABC has released a sneak peek at the Jimmy Kimmel Eclipse special (details via Twilight Examiner). The special is set to air Wednesday, June 23rd:


6 Responses

  1. That is THE most beautiful pic of Edward yet! But I’ve been wondering, why isn’t Bella shivering and covered in snow?

    • Well, in her defense, it IS early summer … and here’s the thing. In the Pacific Northwest, (a) people rarely wear coats or rain gear (and only tourists use umbrellas) … (b) we do sometimes get late season snow in the mountains like in this scene in Eclipse, but the snowfall usually happens overnight and in the daytime the temps are fairly mild. And (c) we’re used to the cold and rain and wet, and so it doesn’t bother us much unless we’re coming out of a sudden heat wave.

      • Your station’s meteorologists would be proud! I was just thinking of the description in the book of her teeth rattling and the whole Jacob-as-a-space-heater thing. I kind of pictures a nasty Midwestern blizzard.

      • Ha, does it show I hang out with a meteorologist too much? (He’s only one of my best friends … *shrugs* … we bonded over a mutual love of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” What can I say?)

        So to geek out a bit more … I’d say, yeah, the nighttime description makes sense — since it gets so much colder overnight. But during the day it would be pretty mild.

        Don’t get me started on the shot out of Bella’s window in “New Moon” that showed all that snow on the ground outside her house in Forks. It does NOT snow like that in Forks.

    • I don’t get most of the clothing choices in Eclipse.

      The Cullens are all wearing jackets during their fighting training??? WTH? They’re vampires. It’s June.

      And Bella is wearing no outdoor clothing, in the snow, after almost freezing to death the previous night and needing a werewolf to keep her warm?

      And yet there are other pics of her wearing a stocking hat in the snow. ?????

  2. the picture is amazing!!! Edward is simply breathtaking 🙂

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