Eclipse Shopping Guide & Exclusive Discount Code

Last Fall, we brought you an extensive Twilight Saga Shopping Guide, with a look at the products available on the market & where you can find them. Today, we’re excited to bring you an update to the Twilight Saga Shopping Guide, focusing exclusively on the newest products available to tie-in to the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Oh, and we’ve got an exclusive discount code for all your CafePress shopping needs. Keep reading for more …

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Shopping Guide

CafePress Twilight Saga Shop

Perhaps the coolest thing about the CafePress Twilight Saga Shop is that the designs are made by fans. And while they have an extensive collection of designs related to all books in the series, they are featuring all things Eclipse these days as they countdown to the movie.

Besides offering a multitude of designs on t-shirts (both long-sleeved & short-sleeved), you can purchase your favorite designs on hoodies, bags, hats, buttons, stickers, notebooks, coffee mugs and more. In fact, just about anything can be found in the CafePress shop — even intimates like panties & boxers … and fun goodies for babies, such as bibs and onesies.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: The folks at CafePress have a great offer for you … a 15% off discount on all purchases now through July 15th made by NNT visitors to CafePress.

To get the discount, simply enter the codeword TWIHARDSAV upon checkout.

The discount expires July 15, 2010.

Also be sure to check out the CafePress widget that lets you customize your favorite Team Edward & Team Jacob designs.

Hot Topic & Torrid

Hot Topic & its sister store Torrid are known for offering a huge assortment of Twilight Saga products, and their new line of merchandise for Eclipse is possibly their best yet. Not only do they offer a variety of t-shirts for Eclipse, Team Edward and Team Jacob — but they’ve expanded to include Team Switzerland and a variety of other popular characters, such as Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Victoria, Leah & more.

They’ve also expanded their collection of replica prop jewelry from the movies — including, most notably, their version of Bella’s engagement ring, Bella’s moonstone ring, and Bella’s bracelet.

You can also find a plethora of t-shirts and hoodies in various designs, along with other products such as pens, band-aids, blankets, pins, water bottles & more. (Torrid offers plus-size versions of some of the t-shirts & hoodies.)

Also worth noting is Hot Topic’s collection of Eclipse-inspired jewelry — such as their Team Edward locket, Cullen Crest velvet necklace, Jacob heart necklace, and Team Switzerland bracelets.


For the Twilight Saga fan fashionista, the Eclipse clothing line at Nordstrom has a more contemporary appeal in its styling and graphics. Tanks, shirts, hoodies, dresses and wraps are available for a member of Team Edward, Team Jacob, The Newborns, Team Cullen, and everything else in between. Sizes range from XS to XL, and most of the shirts are cut in the junior’s style, so they are more fitted in the bust and torso. The boyfriend style t-shirt is the most forgiving in terms of fit, and paired with a coordinating camisole, it is a very flattering look.

One of the things I love the most about this line is that it allows you to be a Twilight fan without specifically looking like one. Some of the shirt designs are subtle enough that I have been able to wear one to the office underneath a black blazer or jean jacket and no one is the wiser. I also love the ‘burnout’ fabric look, which is how most of these shirts are made. Check out the samples below, but remember: there are lots more available on their website!

Twilight Beauty

For the beauty buff, Twilight Beauty is a high-quality and extremely wearable cosmetics brand that offers a wide variety of products including lipstick, lip gloss, mosaic blush, mascara, and scented body glitter.

My personal favorites offered by this line for the release of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” are the new makeup palettes: Team Edward and Team Jacob. I gravitated to the Team Edward palette, which features four gorgeous eye shadows (pale blue, silver, sheer pink, and black glitter) and a pink shimmer lip gloss. Team Jacob has four warm-tone eye shadows (taupe, brown, gold, and green) and a shiny nude lip gloss.

In addition, Twilight Beauty now offers their famous Venom lip stain in Blush, which is a shimmering pink that suits those with fairer skin. Venom Blush stays on a remarkably long time, does not make my lips feel dry, and contains a fabulous bit of lip plumper, too.

As a whole, this makeup wears very well. The lip products go on smooth and even, the eye shadow is nicely crease-free, and the indulgence of purchasing from this line won’t break the bank.

Bella’s Engagement Ring & Bracelet at Infinite Jewelry

While these aren’t new products, they’re worth mentioning because of their direct connection to Eclipse. We’re talking, of course, about Bella’s engagement ring and Bella’s bracelet.

She receives both pieces of jewelry during the events in Eclipse, and the folks at Infinite Jewelry have been selling accurate reproductions of these items for a couple years now.

The best part? Both have the stamp of approval from series author Stephenie Meyer.

Infinite Jewelry also sells a number of other Twilight-inspired pieces.

Eclipse Movie Tie-in Products

An assortment of Eclipse-related products will also be hitting various retailers known for carrying Twilight Saga merchandise. Stores to check out include (but are not limited to):

You’ll be able to find things such as t-shirts, bags, blankets, games, trading cards, key chains, posters & more at these stores. Also keep an eye out for these movie-specific items at various stores:

And of course, check out The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer — her newly-released Eclipse novella!

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For the comments: What are your favorite Eclipse products?

NNT staffers Sara & Stephanie both contributed to this shopping guide.


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