Eclipse Cast on TV tonight and MORE news!

*Jimmy Kimmel is live with the cast of Eclipse tonight in a special called ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’.  Here is the official commercial for the event which airs on ABC at 10/9c!!!

-Thanks to for the heads up.

*MTV has a new interview with Eclipse director David Slade about how The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner was incorporated into the movie.  You can find the video and an excerpt here at Twilighters Anonymous.

*Volvo’s ‘Lost in Forks’ contest started yesterday and there’s still time to enter!!  You could win a Volvo XC60!! (It’s the car Edward drives in New Moon and Eclipse) The contest can be found here.

*If you missed Ashley Greene’s interview on The Today Show, you can catch it here (with another new Alice-centric clip) at Twilight Examiner.

*Twilight Examiner also has a bunch of Moviefone interviews where the cast of Eclipse goes ‘Unscripted’ and takes questions from fans.  There is an awesome interview with Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed where they share a lot of laughs and some great answers to fan’s questions.  Twilight Examiner also has clips of interviews with Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson.  You can see ALL of the clips at Twilight Examiner here.

Check back often for more news!!


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