30 Days of Eclipse: Edward’s Words, From the Beginning

Welcome to the fourth and final round of Eclipse Fan Fiction picks!  You know what that means: Eclipse is almost here!

Let’s recap:

Week 1 — Alternate Points of View of Specific Scenes

Week 2 — Alternative Universe Stories

Week 3 — Edward’s Point of View of Specific Scenes

For this final week, I have two stories to share with you.  In each one, the author has taken on the task of writing the entirety of Eclipse from Edward’s point of view.  They are still in progress, so make sure you sign up to be alerted when new chapters are added!

Dear Team Jacob friends, I looked for Eclipse from Jacob’s point of view.  I really, really did but couldn’t find any that stayed within canon.  If you know of any, please leave a note in the comments section.  Or maybe take up the challenge yourself and start your own story? 🙂

Penumbra by LivesAmongtheStars is five chapters along.  Her telling of Breaking Dawn, Book Three in Edward’s point of view is a winner of one of our previous Fan Fiction challenges.


The term has been skittering through my mind all night, teasing the edges of my consciousness like faraway strains of music, daring me to latch onto the knotted threads of hope and sheer need that accompany each syllable. These threads both tantalize and sicken my imagination, summoning memories of events that culminated with the two greatest failures of my entire existence.

From the very beginning, before I fully understood the consequences of the path I had been placed upon, I tried to thwart fate. Running from the single most powerful temptation I had ever faced, I foolishly reasoned with myself that the worst was over, that I could return to my family as though nothing had occurred – when in fact the foundations of my whole world were shifting like quicksand under my feet.

Shroud by Kiva Johns Adkins is just at the beginning.  Only the preface and first chapter have been posted so far.  Kiva has also finished Midnight Sun and written New Moon from Edward’s point of view.

All of my efforts to keep Bella safe, by taking her far from the clearing where the battle raged below us, by agreeing to stay with her instead of by my family’s side, had all been in vain. Now the danger had come to us, here on the mountaintop. Had I chosen to battle the newborns in the clearing I could have killed Victoria there. Instead, I brought her here, directly to Bella.

Good, we have them alone and separated from the rest.

I could hear Victoria’s thoughts though she had still not stepped from the forest.

I will take Edward and keep him out of your way while you kill the human girl.

The voice was one I had heard before. It was the newborn that was with her the last time I saw her in Texas.  She kept him.

I hope you have enjoyed the Eclipse edition of Fan Fiction Picks!

Be sure to check out everything from 30 Days of Eclipse.  We are just days away now!!


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  1. Penumbra by LivesAmongtheStars is brilliant. I’m reading it right now. I also read her previous story which was Breaking Dawn from Edwards POV from the Second Bella Book. She writes Edward brilliantly. Well worth a look.

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