New Eclipse cast interviews: the Cullens & the Wolf Pack

My friend Jeff, who runs The Scorecard Review, got to attend the Eclipse press junket earlier this month, and all-this week he’s featuring his interviews with the cast. He even asked a couple questions I sent his way, as his unofficial Twilight resource.

What’s so nice about Jeff’s interviews are that he asks unique questions that we don’t get with typical Q&A sessions.

First-up, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone & Kellan Lutz:

Bayer: I was told this Ashley … you have an action figure, and now you have a Barbie of Alice … what’s your favorite?
Ashley: I think the action figure is bad ass. Alice is already princess enough. Plus, I think boys and girls buy the action figure, whereas the Barbie is mainly for girls.

Bayer: Kellan, you and Jackson get to fight a little bit more in the training sequence. Is that wires? Is that GC? How are they pulling that one off?
Jackson: There’s a bit of wires.
Kellan: Yeah, when you threw me. So far. [Kellan rolls his eyes]
Bayer: Yeah, how does it feel to be the biggest one and constantly get knocked down?
Kellan: I love being the biggest one. It’s great. It’s what I live for. No, the training is great. The fighting is great. Fighting along side big white cardboard cut outs is quite funky I guess.

See the rest here.

Next, Chaske Spencer, Julia Jones & Alex Meraz:

Bayer: I’m going to talk to Taylor Lautner about this as well. You guys are wearing jean shorts. When you turn into a wolf, you rip through them. How many pairs do you think you’re going through and where are you getting them?
Julia: Well, more often then not, we go off into the woods, take them off and then change. But in my mind, maybe Sue goes to the local Wal-Mart and just buys tons of them.
Alex: I think creative license. I don’t know where they go, I don’t know how they come back. They are just there.
Bayer: Maybe the wolves should look into getting sponsored. Levi’s or something.

Bayer: Julia, as the only female werewolf, do you imagine there’s a hazing process that goes a long with that?
Julia: Do I imagine? [laughter] There is. This guy (points to Alex) is always telling me something to do, and then I ask Chaske to see if it’s right.

See the rest here, and tune in all week as we bring you more of Jeff’s awesome interviews!


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