Eclipse is here – but we’ve got MORE prizes for you to win!

It’s finally here — The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is now in theaters across the U.S. — and chances are good that, like me, you went and saw it during a midnight showing last night.

But just because the movie is finally here, doesn’t mean we’re done bringing you cool features here at Novel Novice Twilight.

For our final 30 Days of Eclipse post, we’ve got one more contest — and this one is easy. Here are the details:

The Contest:

Just comment on THIS post, telling us what was your favorite part of the Eclipse movie.

The Prizes:

One first-prize winner will receive a gift pack featuring a Twilight Saga tote bag, t-shirt, Film Fantasy magazine, Fang necklace, red-scented candle, body glitter, Twilight Saga recipe cards & 6 Twilight Saga bracelets

Five runners-up will receive Twilight Saga packs featuring a Twilight booklet, bookmarks, postcards, bracelets, buttons, key chain, sweetheart candies, trading cards & pens!

The Rules:

Just comment on THIS post to be entered.

Please only comment ONCE. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

Prizes can only be mailed to the U.S.


You’ve got one week to enter!

Entries are due by midnight (PT) next Wednesday, July 7th.


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117 Responses

  1. I have to say my favorite part was the bedroom scene when Edward gets down on his knee and proposes to Bella. I think that has to be the most romantic proposal ever!

  2. My favorite part was when Rosalie is telling Bella her story of what kind of “perfect life” she had before turned into a vampire. At the end Rosalie tells her the only thing she would die for when being a vampire is “BLOOD” that gave me the chills ^_^

  3. The entire movie was great…the best one yet but I have to say my favorite part was the proposal! Loved how Edward got down on one knee, very traditional, and asked Bella to marry him…and of course she said yes!

  4. There were so many favorites but one of my favorite parts of Eclipse was the joy of watching Edward defeating Victoria to save Bella.

  5. My favorite part of the movie is Edward’s proposal. It was perfect and so sweet.

  6. Charlie’s talk with Bella about sex was great!

  7. Of course my favorite part was the epic battle between the newborns and the Cullens/werewolves! The whole movie was great!!!

  8. My favorite part? I love the entire thing! If I have to pick a favorite element, it would be the beautiful cinematography and music which make the emotion of this awesome book come to life.

  9. I loved the whole thing! Favorite part was probably when Bella asked Jake to kiss her and (finally) realizes she is in love with him too. Although, I don’t think she seemed torn enough.

  10. eclipse was the best movie. it was well worth the wait!!!! breaking dawn is gonna be great.

  11. my favorite part was the proposal.

  12. My favorite part of the movie Eclipse is when Edward proposes to Bella in his bedroom and she accepts!!!!!!!!

  13. Pick me!! I would love to win πŸ™‚

  14. I LOVED Eclipse. My favorite scene was the battle between Edward and Victoria towards the end of the film. It was SO CLOSE to the book!

  15. My favorite part was actually in parts. The parts where edward is giving jake crap.

  16. i love everything but mostly the fight scene!

  17. i love the tent scene OME!!!

  18. omg i love the wolves chasing victoria it has you at the edge of your seat!!!

  19. wow only one fav part thats tough but i would definitely have to choose the meadow scene!

  20. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but my favorite scene is most likely going to be the fight with the newborns! (I hope that counts.)

  21. I love the proposal , that was really sweet to me .
    My favorite scene from the movie ( sigh ) .

  22. I loved it…loved that there was a lot of romance in it….love Riley and Jasper…and of course I’m on Team Edward :-))
    a few seconds ago

  23. The part In eclipse I loved was when Bella told her dad she was a virgin because it was funny and I laughed.

  24. LOVED the movie. The cgi work was amazing. The proposal scene was my favorite…very romantic. And the “I punched a werewolf in the face” scene was priceless! I can’t wait to see the movie again, and again!

  25. My favorite part was the tent scene when Jacob said to Edward “you gotta admit, I’m hotter than you are”. Love that line! There’s so many great parts in the movie it’s hard to pick just one, but that one line stands out for me!!

  26. My fav scene is when Rosalie is talking to Bella about how she ended Royce’s life and the wicked grin on her face during the flash and comment about being over dramitic during that time in her life. LOVED IT!!!!!

  27. My fave part of Twilight Eclipse: “This wasn’t just a choice between u & Jacob. It was between who i should be & who I am. I’ve always felt- out of step. Literally stumbling through life. I’ve never felt..normal. But now I know. I’m not normal. & I don’t want to be. I’ve faced death & loss & pain in ur world. But– I’ve also never felt stronger, more real, more…myself. Becuz it’s my world, too, Edward. Its where I belong.”

  28. My favorite was the proposal! It almost made me cry……ok maybe it did…..Haha:)

  29. The Fight between the Cullens, Werewolves & The Newborns, Edward, Seth & Victoria and Rliey!!! IT WAS THE BEST!!!!!!

  30. My favorite part of the movie was when the Cullens and the wolves where hunting Victoria and Emmett jumped on the other side of the border. I liked how it showed stuff that was happening that Bella wasn’t there to see.

  31. I LOVED the proposal too!!! So darn romantic!!! I LOVE EDWARD!!

  32. I loved the whole movie, where the wolf pack teased Jacob about Bella calling, the battles, how they tied in Edward knowing that the Volturi knew about Victoria’s plans ( that was from the recent book), the movie was AWESOME!

  33. My favorite part of the Eclipse movie was ‘The Talk’ between Charlie and Bella and how right after that scene she goes and defies that trying to “seduce” Edward.

  34. Charlie and Bella trying to have ‘The Talk’ *giggle*

  35. Eclipse was Funny,Sad,action packed. It was for sure the best out of the 3 so far. I cried during the Jacob n Bella “breakup” scene when Bella was saying goodbye to her mom and also when Edward popped the question. In general this movie had alittle bit of everything for everybody you cant ask for a better movie then this.

  36. I loved all the scenes edward was in! But my favorite was a toss up between the proposal, or the fight between edward and victoria! TEAM EDWARDD<3

  37. Well, for a movie it did a lot better and I loved it! But if your a fan of the books it could have gone better but again iloved it! Expecially since she didn’t yell!!! It may have needed more action and more detail but if given the chance id watch it again with friends(: and and and! Taylor lautner(who I’ve liked since sharkboy and lavagirl) is so ATTRACTIVE!!! So my favorite part was when he told edward “you wish you were as hot as me” it was sssooo cute!!

  38. i seriously had several scenes that i loved! the tent scene was hilarious and honest. jacob and edward had a heart to heart.
    i also loved the bella and charlie scene where they have the sex talk. it was awkward and funny and that’s exactly how we would act if our parents would talk to us about that.

    ah i’m going to see it again! can’t wait!

  39. hm there is too many things i loved, the vampire make up, the image of the characters, the action, emmett funny lines, the “virgin talk” i mean lots of things…This movie is without of doubt the best of the 3 not just because of what i mentioned already but also because it was soooo much like the book, the way i imagined edward, bella and everyone else… finally we got the “book characters” but im Team Edward and i love romance so for me the best part was the”leg hitch/proposal scene” they did an amazin flawless job in that scene that i love in the book and know i loveeee it in the movie also

  40. It’s a toss up. Either the proposal where Bella finally accepts (after a bit of compromise) or that EPIC fight scene.

  41. There was alot to love but I have to say mine is tied between the proposal, and the fights.

  42. Wow…it’s going to be so hard to pick just one scene. I loved too many to count! Of course the proposal and the ending scene were amazing but I have to say my favorite scene was a J/A scene. When Jasper is teaching them all how to fight and Alice and him are up it just took me right back to the book and made me remember just how much I loved this book and why. David Slade really did an amazing job on this part it was exactly how I pictured when reading and then to see it come to life on screen was just mind-blowing.Β 

  43. My favorite part could be the entire movie.. But, if I have to choose, I would say the last scene when Bella tells Edward she was meant for a life w/him and finally tells him that she will marry him and he puts the ring on her! I had tears in my eyes…LOVED it!! πŸ™‚

  44. I would LOVE to win. It would be incredible =). Eclipse was awesome in the theaters too.

  45. I really loved the scene where Jasper tells Bella about his past. It was such a charged moment and Jackson played the role so well. He had that shiny-almost-teary look wich was amazing. I mean, vampires can’t cry but it really made me feel like he would have if he could. And we’ve never seen him so vulnerable before on screen. He’s always been the battle hero to me and this made him shine in another light. And then when Alice came up behind him and the love portrayed between them was so intimate and real. I was just very well displayed the whole thing. So, yeah…

  46. Favorite part was of course the bed scene, complete with leg hitch, and Edward’s sweet proposal!

  47. Wow! The whole movie is freaking awesome! But the few scenes that stuck with me are all the Jasper and Alice scenes. When Jasper explains his past to Bella and Alice comes up behind him and tells him that he made her wait long enough; the scene where Jasper trained the Cullens to fight; especially when it was Alice’s turn to go against Jasper. Super sweet and cute! All their scenes made me squirm in my seat.

    I love the tent scene, it was perfect and totally sweet! The scene where Edward fought against Victoria–because it was his turn to shine and he totally killed Victoria!

    I love love love the proposal scene; I got super teary eyed! When she said yes, plus the music that was playing! And of course the closing scene–where Bella tells Edward that she’s not perfect/normal and she’s his!

    I love this movie! My favorite of the three so far!

  48. My favorite part was when Bella tells Edward that they have to do something even more dangerous than fighting New Born Vampires. They have to tell Charlie they’re getting married.

  49. My favorite part was the tent scene because it was so funny and really good.Eclipse was amazing!!!!!!! Twilight Novel Novice is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. My favorite part of Eclipse was the fight between the newborns and the Cullen and werewolves. That was cool. πŸ™‚

  51. I loved Edward talking about how he would have courted Bella in his day. So beautiful.

    • me too. wasn’t that just so perfect? Rob did a great job of portraying the nervous but endearing emotion behind edward’s love for her. so great!

  52. I loved the proposal. It was very sweet and I loved how she jumped into his arms. I also loved the Bree part. Jodelle Ferland did a great job and her bloodcurdling scream was awesome. And I loved the part where she punched Jake. Hilarious!

  53. I think this contest is entirely unfair! I mean, how can I possibly pick just ONE favorite part? πŸ˜‰

    GREAT movie. I can’t decide if I like it more that Twilight. I’ll have to see it just as many times to know for sure. Back to the theater tonight!

  54. I loved Eclipse!!! Hard to say my fav part it was all great. I loved that they stayed really close to the book. Probably my fav scene was when they were in the tent and Jacob is keeping Bella warm while Edward is having to sit there and hate it. I love the conversation they have and the banter between them. And the almost admission to could be friendship on Jacobs part, Edward being the bigger man admitting he would have liked to have been friends if the situation were different.
    Thanks, Christina

  55. My favorite part of the movie was the tent scene.

    I have always wanted to see that played out in person.

    I know they didnt do it in their head but this was the best way to describe it.

  56. The ENTIRE movie was amazing, but my favorite scene has to be when Edward proposes to Bella. It was just so perfect πŸ™‚

  57. I loved the whole movie! It was by far the best so far! But i guess if forced to pick a favorite part was when Edward proposed and Bella finally said yes.

  58. the best so far, my favorite part was (as always) charlie- especially the ‘responsibility’ chat and bella announcing she is a virgin. HILARIOUS!

  59. I loved this movie!!! My favorite part was when the characters were practicing fighting! It was awesome!!!

  60. I loved the whole movie, but all of the scenes that included Jake were my favorites. Especially the 2nd kiss!

  61. The whole movie was amazing. I loved the whole thing. My favorite part was either the talk with Charlie, the proposal, or the tent scene. I can’t wait to see it again.

  62. My favorite part had to be the Jacob and Bella kiss. I thought it was epic – and the audience reaction was priceless.

  63. I liked the part where Jasper is talking about how he was turned.

  64. i love the fact that there were more of the quarks lines used from the book. i liked where bella hit jacob (i was afraid they were gonna leave that one out), the awkward sex talk between bella n her dad…i guess every part that made the entire audience laugh are my favorite parts.

  65. The part that stood out for me the most:
    The second kiss with Jacob and Bella, when she actually ASKED him to kiss her, on the top of the mountain. There was so much fear in her mind about Jacob getting hurt and all this time, she was definitely too afraid to admit her honest feelings for him. But that one invitation, that one open moment that she offered– that let Jake in and the passion behind their kiss was hotter than ANY of the kisses between Bella and Edward. You could sense their fervor and the intensity of their feelings that you didn’t want the kiss to stop. It was completely reciprocal and unbelievably powerful.

  66. The movie was so awesome! Hmm there were so many good parts. I really loved the scene where Bella finally said yes to Edward’s proposal, I loved the tent scene and the Charlie/Bella sex talk (so hilarious!!).

  67. Definitely the fight scene!!!! They’re just all so bad-ass!!!

  68. My favorite scene is, of course, the tent scene. It made the audience understand Edward and Jacob more, and the reasons why they love Bella. It didn’t hurt that it was hilarious as hell.

  69. I have to go with Rosalie and Jasper’s back stories. It was awesome to go back and see what they were like back then and find out why they are who they are – why they act the way they do. I especially like Rosalie’s because it makes you understand that she’s really not a hateful person. She’s more like the voice of reason.

  70. Edward’s reaction to Bella finally agreeing to marry him. So sweet!

  71. My favorite scene was the tent scene. Both actors did fantastic!

  72. My favoirte scene–the proposal in the bedroom. And the epic fight scenes, with the wolves flowing over the rock like a mad waterfall of teeth and fur.

    Also, I must comment on my least favorite/only two cavils with the movie–the replacement actor for Victoria, who I’m sure is a terrific actor, did absolutely nothing for the character–she was weak, dull, showing nothing of the passion and sly, sensual fire that Rachelle Lefevre was so masterful at, and, they left out the key line to the whole book, the reason for the title being Eclipse. (unless I missed it?!–must go see it again…and again…)

  73. My favorite parts were bella’s punch, the proposal scene (perfect!), when Victoria was killed…and the very beginning with Riley!!! This film was magnificent!

  74. My favorite part is when Jacob warms Bella up in the tent

  75. I loved any scene with Victoria!

  76. definitely the leg hitch/proposal scene

  77. My favorite part is….when Bella says yes to Edward.

  78. My favorite part of the movie was Edward and Bella’s slumber party! I had such high expectations for that scene and it was perfect!!!

  79. My fav scene is a tie between Jasper’s backstory and the leg hitch/ proposal scene. I loved the way Edward explained how he would have courted Bella back in his day – it was extremely sweet. πŸ™‚

  80. My favorite scene was the tent scene. Edward and Jacob’s rivalry was really good!

  81. I may be the only one, but I liked the scene between Bella and her mom and then after when Bella was in the car with Edward and asked if he wanted her to see her mom so that she would change her mind about becoming a vampire πŸ™‚

  82. My favorite part was when Edward tells Bella if it had been back in his era he would have courted her, took chaperon walks, sat on the front porch having tea, stole a couple of kisses, asked her father for her hand, presented her with a ring and asked her if she would hanor him by becoming his wife. He brought that time period to life, epecially with the nervousness that was shown on his face.

  83. My favorite part was the fight scene. It was amazing to watch. It was very action packed. I also thought the two scenes with Edward and Bella in the meadow were really cute and it reminded me of why they are so good together. I think the whole movie was amazing.

  84. My absolute favorite was the wedding proposal in the room. I loved the way Edward explained to Bella how he would have courted her. took charperoned walks and drank iced tea on the porch….maybe even stolen a kiss or two…. but not before talking to her father first. I love how old fashioned Edward is. The whole movie was great… but that was definitely my favorite part πŸ™‚

  85. Hi my name is Arianne Buck I am 11 years old and i’m a huge Twihard!!!!!!!! The whole move was absolutley fantastic! In my oppinion it was the best movie of all!! I =t’s very hard to choose the movie was awesome,fabulous,romantic,cute,halarious,epic,and action PACKED!!!!!!!!! But I would have to say that my absolute favorite part was when Edward propased to Bella!! It was so romantic! The way that he said it was just so… Romantic! His face wwhen she said yes and how he picked her up was so cute! But I loved the whole movie I would give it 5 stars-> ***** ! Oh I would also like to tell you guys I absolutley loved the 30 days of Eclipse! It was really fun and I would never have been able to think of that idea or get all the stuff you did, so thank you guys sooo much!!!!!!!! Bye! :))

  86. my favorite part was definitely the proposal! I thought they were going to rip apart my favorite part in Eclipse, but they didn’t! I’m so pleased with how it turned out. πŸ™‚

  87. My favorite part was the vampire battle, the newborns vs. the Cullens and the wolves. I was excited to see it, cuz we don’t get much of the battle in the book.

  88. The film was extraordinarily amazing!! It blew each and every expectation I had for it completely out of the water! I’d have to say my favorite moment would have to be Jacob’s tent scene entrance consisting of a “Let’s face it, I’m hotter than you.” to Edward.(:

  89. the Alice & Jasper moment. When the Cullens are fight training and it’s Alice’s turn. Its just so adorable!
    Its hard too choose cause I loved everything!

  90. Ok, I agree that the movie was awesome and there are too many scenes to just pick one, but my favorite was when Edward grabbed Bella’s leg and wrapped it around his thigh. That was such a hot scene in the book and I was THRILLED when it made it in the movie.

  91. hearing kristen say ‘I’m a virgin’ cause, well, we all really hope she’s not, or that’s one sad day in rob’s world

  92. Though the tittering of uncomfortable little girls in the theater almost ruined it for me, the scence in Edward’s room on the bed. It was just like I pictured it to be from the book and I love that they used the Sia song; perfect.

  93. There were so many amazing parts in Eclipse that it is hard to choose just one fave! But right now, the part that sticks out to me the most is in the very beginning with Riley. I think that it was really cool how they showed the part where he was turned and all that. I think that Xavier did a phenomenal job as Riley and because of that, I wish Riley hadn’t died !

  94. I loved the movie so much. My favorite part is when Alice told Jasper how he kept her waiting and then shared a passionate kiss. So cute ❀

  95. my favorite part of the movie was the tent scene πŸ˜€ AMAZING!!!

    & the wolf pack scene lol ” i wish bella would call , i wish bella wouldn’t call, maybe i should call bella, maybe i should call bella & hang up ” haha too funny xD

    && the jacob/bella kiss was the hottest kiss in the whole saga. better then all edward/bella kisses combine. everyone should admit because it’s true ha.

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ❀ πŸ˜€

  96. If I’m being totally honest, the proposal scene was my favorite (so romantic!!) although Jasper’s back story comes at a close second. Jackson was amazing–so intense.

  97. My favorite scene was the tent scene. It was just as I pictured it from the book!

  98. I love the scene in the meadow before the ending credits that part was so cute I cried .
    So romantic I am 100% Edbella.
    Love them my favorite scene.
    It was hard to choose but once I saw that , awwwwwwwwwwwww.
    * squeal *
    Can’t wait to see renesmee .
    I didn’t watch the j and b kiss scene I’m not a fan of them even if they are lautner and Stewart it doesn’t feel right because he’s calling her bella and her Jacob .
    The ending meadow scene definitely .

  99. I loved the flashbacks of Rosalie and Jasper’s life!
    I loved the proposal scene!!
    I loved the tent scene!
    It was so amusing!!

  100. The whole movie was great, but my favorite scene was the scene in Edward’s bedroom with the leg hitch and the proposal.

  101. I don’t have a favorite scene but I did love the fact that we got more Jasper. It was nice to see him shine for a change.

  102. my favorite part was when edward jacob and Bella are in the tent and he tells edward “Lets face it. I am hotter than you”

  103. I have four favorite parts
    My 4th favortie part is when Jacob explains imprinting to Bella
    My 3rd favorite is the kiss with Jacob and Bella she so knows she liked it and enjoyed it
    My 2nd favorite part is when Bella goes to La Push and sees the wolves and they tease Jacob n Leah says “If your here to torture Jacob some more feel free to leave” I love Leah cuz she understands what Jacob is going though
    And my Favorite Part is when Jacob is in his bed hurt and tells Bella that he needs some time I like that part because Jacob finally stands up for himself

  104. although the entire movie was suuuuuper awesome, my favorite part is, “I promise to love you every moment of forever.” when edward proposes, it is the most romantic thing i’ve ever seen! πŸ™‚

  105. Let me first start off my saying that the whole movie was AMAZING! I had very high expectations for this one because it was my favorite of the books in the series and I have re-read it so many times and practically know the lines by heart!

    One scene that I really loved, just like everyone else has pretty much mentioned, is the proposal scene in the bedroom! I love it all, not just the proposal part but how Bella is trying to talk Edward into giving in! They kept some of the original lines from the book in this scene which I was really glad about! “Bella, stop trying to take your clothes off” “You want to do that part” hhahah!! I loved it! I loved picking up on all of the little quotes from the book that were in the movie! Anyways, that scene was so romantic! I love how he went about proposing better in the movie than the book actually! It was more detailed and he told her how he would have done it had he met her when he was a human! He would have courter her, taken chaperoned walks, sat on the front porch drinking sweet tea, stolen a kiss or two, asked her father for her hand, presented her with a ring and the he would have asked her if she would honor him by becoming his wife!!! It was so sweet! I also liked Bella’s response better to the proposal; she actually seemed happy and excited no? In the book she wasn’t all that thrilled to be getting married but in the movie she jumped up and hugs him and he swung her around the room!!! I love how Edward couldn’t hide how overjoyed he was that she said yes!! I love that smile!! I think I melted into my chair at that moment haha!!!

    But I also loved the tent scene, even though I don’t particularly like the do.., hmmm Jacob! I just like to see a jealous Edward, he’s so sexy! Haha! This scene was very comical and had me laughing the whole time! I love the β€œI’m hotter than you” line, even though that is a completely false statement!!! Edward is CLEARLY hotter than Jacob and more romantic! The scene was just funny and nice to see them kind of getting a long for her sake, working together! I loved the scene in the book as well so it’s always nice to see something brought to life that you like! It’s so hard to just decide on one though because the whole movie was great and anyone who says otherwise is insane!! I felt like the scenes meshed well together and flowed nicely but those two stand out to me!! I need to seriously stop talking about it because I feel like I need to go see it once again to get my fix! Good luck to everyone! Thank you for the opportunity!!! It really shows that you care about your readers and I completely respect that!!
    Ashley T.(@iamTEAMEDWARD)

    P.S. I love the blog!!!!

  106. My favoritepart? The proposal.

  107. I loved the proposal scene where Edward puts his mother’s ring on her finger. So romantic!

  108. A Favorite scene, OMG I cant pick just one.

    Ok let see I love the chase with Cullens in the woods when Emmett crosses the treaty line.

    I LOVE The TENT scene

    I love when Bella agrees to marry Edward and he lifts her off the bed.

    I love when Jacob gets mad in the garage at Bella.

    So many more I LOVE.

    I LOVE ECLIPSE from minute one to the last minute. its the best of 3

  109. So many to choose from…one would be when Bella sees the wolf pack for the first time in the eclipse movie…
    “…maybe we can get a break from Jake’s obsseive monologue” -Embry
    “Wish Bella would Call.” -Paul
    “Wish Bella WOULDN’T call” -Jared
    “Maybe I sould call Bella,” -Embry
    “Maybe I should call Bella and hang up” -Quil
    Hahahaha. I think that is sooo funnyy!

    PS. I realize that that might not have been right word for but it should be really close. πŸ™‚

  110. I loved the tent scene. Knowing Rob thought that “thoughts” sounds like “fart” is hilarious! LOL

  111. i love the whole film but my favorite part was when they were training for the fight! it was tense sexy and funny! jasper is awesome!

  112. wow ive watched it about 8 times already and my favorite part is the “SEX TALK” with charlie! it was just so hilarious how they are both akward and when bella says shes a virgin she gives two thumbs up hahaha! and then charlie says now i like edward a lil more!

  113. My favorite part was the battle scene. The fight between the newborns and the Cullens, the tent scene (where my favorite line is “You have to admit i am hotter than you”), the kiss of Jacob andd Bella, the killing of Victoria, and the Volturi. EVERYTHING about that scene was GOOD.

  114. My favorite part of the movie has to be the leg/hitch proposal scene. It was so close to how I imagined it in the book and I loved it. The proposal was what I was most looking forward to seeing in Eclipse.

  115. I loved the proposal because it was so sweet and happy!

  116. uggg! I wish I was older I can’t win any of these contests because I’m only 11 and you guys are probably all teenagers and adults so I can’t give as good of responses as you guys! I was really excited about winning these contests but I can’t cuz you guys are probably all older than me it sucks! 😦

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