30 Days of Eclipse Contest Winners Announced

We’re super excited to announce the winners of two of our biggest contest from 30 Days of Eclipse … and we still have lots more to come this month!!

First off, the winners of our 30 Days of Eclipse Kick-Off Contest – Sponsored by CafePress are:

1st place: Holly (lil_frogz07)

2nd place: TwilightFreak#1

And here are the winners of our Twilight & Education Contest sponsored by Brian Leaf & Wiley, Inc.:

1st place: Dabney

I think that Twilight can be used in any classroom. (I’ll list my ideas in order of my schedule this year.)
History- Obviously the book “Twilight & History” describes this. Relating the lives of the characters to the historical time period. (A few months ago they mentioned Spanish Influenza and I was all EDWARD!!!!)
Gym- Eclipse style newborn fight training? Arm Wrestling? Rock breaking with your bare hands? Crushing bed frame flowers into squished mass of metal?
Science- The biological possibilities in the Twilight world. I’ve sparked so many conversations with my friends about the possibility of Nessie’s conception.
Math- Calculating (ex problem: Edward Cullen became a vampire in 1918. If he “fed” once, twice, or three times a week what is the mean, median, and mode of the possible times he has fed.)
Spanish- Translate things. Writing about characters or stars. (I wrote one of my Mid Term essays this year on an imaginary flight I took where I sat next to Taylor Lautner and he fell in love with me and we went to Haiti together and helped victims of the earthquakes.{I write really odd Spanish essays})
Chorus/Music- Discussions/Lessons based on the movie soundtracks and the book play lists made by Stephenie Meyer. Also listening to music discussed in the movies/books. (Claire de Lune?)
English- Well this is an easy one. Reading, writing, what more can I say. This year my class had to write and give speeches about a group of people we felt were discriminated against. Some did serious topics such as racial discrimination. Other did absolutely ridiculous one like cartoon characters. Mine was Twilight fans. I felt that we are all seen as stereotypical twihards. Like to extremes that we would stalk the stars. I am not like that but am still a twihard and I used the speech to defend myself and others like me. Not to mention things that could be done such as comparison essays to classics.

2nd place: Kari W.

I think you could use Twilight in each of these catagories in the classroom. In English you could use the vocab, but I am pretty sure everyone has said that already so I also think you could, have a contest on who can write the best fan fiction with some of the vocab words and with new ones. For History you could do a project where you find a date in time where the cullens would be alive and write a story about them in that important event in history. Take when Abraham Lincoln got shot, some one could write a fan fiction about them being there during that time. For music you could learn to play Clair de Lune. You could also write your own music that you think should go in the Twilight soundtrack. For art, you could practice them drawing an apple in a pair of hands. Like the cover of twilight, it is not that difficult a drawing so you could start there then ask them to draw a piece of artwork that would be better for the book covers. My last idea would be what was written in the comment above me. You can use the idea that Bella and Edward were able to wait and save themselves so why can’t we. I think the twilight books would be great in a class room. I have personally read each book 22 times and I think it is an amazing book.

3rd place: Tori J.

1. Essay-Why do you think Edward fell in love with Bella? And vis versa.
2. Math-Create a Twilight themed town and find the measurements, area, perimeter, or surface area of the landmarks.
3. Music- Create your own soundtrack to the book.
4. Essay-Compare Twilight to other vampire/romance books and tell if you like Twilight better or not.
5. Science-When learning about imprinting and animal behavior or mitosis, use Twilight as an example.
6. P.E.-Perform the Newborn fight scene.
7. Drama-Turn Twilight into a play.
8. S.S.-Pick your favorite Cullen and study their time period.
9. English-Read the book then create a shoebox book report.
10. Create an alternate ending to Breaking Dawn.
11. Art-Create or recreate your own movie poster.
12. Art-Create a Twilight collage.

Congrats to all the winners! Be sure to stay tuned to Novel Novice Twilight all this month … we have even MORE great contests with cool prizes coming up. You don’t want to miss it!


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  1. I WON A CONTEST?! HOLY CANOLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOAH! So… what do I win again? (I know, I’m pathetic.)

  2. Wait, forget it. Just checked – SO COOL! 😀

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