Fan sites reports on meeting Stephenie Meyer (for realz!)

A few weeks ago, four lucky fan sites (we are still soooo jealous) were randomly chosen to meet with Stephenie Meyer herself — and spend 4+ hours having lunch with her, chatting and asking questions. Oh, and it seems they took lots of fantastic photos, as well! TwiFans and Letters to Twilight have both posted their reports, along with a bevy of photos. We highly recommend you check them out!

For the comments: What would you ask Stephenie Meyer if you had the chance? (Note: this is purely hypothetical. Stephenie won’t actually see these questions, and we have no way of getting them to her.)


One Response

  1. In Twilight, did Edward’s eyes turn red after the ballet studio?
    So what is the purpose of imprinting? Will Jake and Nessie be able to have children, and what kind of children? Part vampire part wolf part human?

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