New interviews & other tidbits in today’s Twi-News update

* Reelz Channel gets fan reactions at the Eclipse party & talks to Kiowa Gordon

* Some exciting news from The Hillywood Show:

Hannah and Hilly Hindi, creators of The Hillywood Show and hosts of Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Conventions, will be doing a live interactive interview tonight on Artists on Demand.  AOD is a popular fandom online radio station known to interview several cast members of the Twilight saga and other stars from shows such as The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and more.  Tonight, listen to Hannah and Hilly discuss their newly released Runaways parody, what they have in store for Eclipse’s parody and what it was like to meet Rob, Kristen and Taylor at Creation’s LA Twilight convention.  You’ll also learn about what they have coming up for The Hillywood Show!  Call in with questions for Hannah and Hilly!

Watch the show live online!

* TwiCrack Addict has some fun coverage from the UK Eclipse Premiere

* Reelz Channel also has an interview with Billy Burke about playing Charlie Swan and his new album, Removed (which rocks, by the way)

* Here is one of the most hilarious interviews ever with Kellan Lutz (via Twilight Lexicon):


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