Thursday’s Twi-News Update, and a Twilight spoof!

* Summit predicts Eclipse will likely do even better than New Moon in theaters, hoping Twilighters spend their weekdays at the theater!

* MTV talks to Xavier Samuel about the success of Eclipse

* This is fun: MTV ponders several unlikely directors who could tackle Twilight, in light of David Slade’s success with Eclipse

* Dakota Fanning is featured in the new issue of Marie Claire magazine

* The folks behind all those spoof movies are tackling Twilight with Vampires Suck. The movie comes out in August and here is the trailer:

Okay, so it’s stupid-funny … but part of me feels like they’re just ripping off a bunch of Twilight spoofs that have already been mastered by folks on YouTube, like the Hillywood Show and Evil Iguana Productions. Anyone else?


7 Responses

  1. I agree completely. They’re just looking to capitalize on the vampire craze that’s going on. A way to get all of the men that are frustrated with all the vampire movies into the seats. I’m sure it will be filled with tons of crude humor and off color remarks the way the ‘Scary Movies’ were (since it’s written and directed by the same people).

    • There were parts of the trailer that I actually thought were funny, in a stupid silly way, but those were the same parts that I also thought were rip-offs of other, more ORIGINAL spoofs that I’d already seen before. I really don’t care that they want to capitalize on the Twilight movies — more power to ’em if they can do it — but could they at least be a bit original in the spoofing? I swear, I’ve seen ALL of this in youtube videos over the last two years.

      • Yeah, and even with considerably smaller budgets, the earlier spoofs were (in my opinion) better. Although I did chuckle at ‘Bella’s’ head turning into a burger.

  2. Now that I’ve pulled myself up off the floor. That was great. I love how well they do the spoof. It’s only meant to be fun so enjoy it.

  3. I wish I could support Eclipse as much as I did with Twilight and New Moon. Unfortunately, with it being released in the summer, I can’t just go see it any day I want because my son isn’t in school.

  4. yea i rather support the hillywood show i like them better

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