Breaking Dawn in 3D? And other Twi-News …

* Wondering about those rumors about whether one or both parts of Breaking Dawn will be in 3D? Summit tells MTV that the decision hasn’t been made yet — and when it is, it will be a creative choice.

* The LA Times looks at the latest box office report for Eclipse … sure, the movie slipped into #2 this weekend, but it’s also earned nearly $240 million since hitting theaters!

“Eclipse,” which premiered on a Wednesday, had a smaller second weekend than last year’s “New Moon,” which fell 70% to $42.9 million after its Friday debut. However, total ticket sales, including weekdays, have put the new “Twilight” picture in a virtual heat with its predecessor at the same point in their runs. “Eclipse” grossed a huge $237 million in its first 12 days, compared with $235.8 million for “New Moon.”

Overseas, “Eclipse” is beating “New Moon” in most major markets. “Eclipse” opened higher than its predecessor did in Great Britain and South Korea, but was slightly behind in France. Its international weekend take was $81.1 million and its foreign total is $219 million from 63 countries.

* Catching up on Twi-News? The Twilight Examiner has a look at 50 Twilight Saga stories you may have missed recently.


3 Responses

  1. Please don’t be 3d I’ll literally kill myself, it would ruin everything.
    Unless of course they decide to make on in3d and another one in normal.

  2. I hope it’s not in 3D. I just saw Despicable Me in 3D and did not feel it was worth the extra $3.50 PER TICKET and really, I didn’t think it was all that special in 3D. Plus it’s just annoying to have to wear the glasses for an entire movie, especially over my regular glasses.

    I hate this whole 3D trend….so many movies are coming out in 3D these days…

    Dear Summit, please spend the money on things like makeup and hair instead – that’s where you REALLY need it!

    • I loved the 3D effects in Despicable Me! But, I agree, a Twilight movie wouldn’t be good in three dimensions.

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